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    Warrior SimC Module

    I know there are a few people that read these forums that work on producing the warrior SimCraft modules, just wondering why the fury module does not take advantage of raging wind glyph, and if some one has an action list that does take advantage of it they wouldn't mind sharing.

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    It's an extremely minor single target difference, which most people wouldn't use anyways. Even amongst the top rankings Warriors; I don't think any of us actually use it rotationally. Remember you will still be using WS during Bloodsurge, so there won't be a lot of opportunities for you to use WW period, especially with the gear we have now, where open GCD's are rarer.

    As for adding it in, there is prob a more elegant way to handle it but I managed by doing the following:

    Add this line: actions.single_target+=/whirlwind,if=buff.raging_wind.up&debuff.colossus_smash.up&target.health.pct>=20
    Above this line: actions.single_target+=/wild_strike,if=debuff.colossus_smash.up&target.health.pct>=20

    Add this line: actions.single_target+=/whirlwind,if=buff.raging_wind.up&cooldown.colossus_smash.remains>=2&rage>=70&target.health .pct>=20
    Above this line: actions.single_target+=/wild_strike,if=cooldown.colossus_smash.remains>=2&rage>=70&target.health.pct>=20

    Edit: After running both sims (with and without changes) I got a difference of 99 dps; using Whirlwind 7 times.

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    As Archimtiros said, the Raging Wind rotation is a very small increase, and in most cases it's just not worth it.

    Arch, how did you do the sim? Did you just add RW to the already existing list of glyphs, or did you replace the charge glyph? Not sure which one of those would actually win out on a single target fight, so I'm just curious. (I'm not home, and won't be for another week, so can't test for myself)
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    I used Unending Rage, Death From Above and Raging Wind (in place of Glyph of Whirlwind for my comparison sim). It's my go-to toolkit. Also had Bladestorm specced and too lazy to change it (although that shouldn't make a difference).

    I know Bull Rush sims higher, but I much rather prefer Death From Above's utility, unless I have to go without it.
    I didn't know you were out of town, prob why you didn't respond when I hit you up in the group. Enjoy your Holidays!

    Edit: I could test Raging Wind vs Bull Rush; but considering Raging Wind came out to <100 dps and Bull Rush usually sims ~2-300 higher; I imagine it would win out.

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    As you showed Arch, Raging Wind is a single target increase, but it's a vary small increase. The with Raging Wind is that even tho it's a DPS increase on a single target fight, it's not one of the three biggest increases out of the glyphs you can chose from. For maximum single target DPS, the "glyph order" is as follows: Unending Rage > Death from Above > Bull Rush > Raging Wind.

    The other issue I have with Raging Wind is on AoE encounters. For AoE fights, It's in general still best to stick with UR and DfA, but the third glyph is more fluid, just as for single target. My issue tho is that 99 times out of a 100, I'd take Whirlwind glyph over Raging Wind. Unless I'm a 100% sure that the targets will be within my Whirlwind range at all times, I'd take the Whirlwind Glyph. Only fight this tier where I would consider Raging Wind is on Thok, as the bats can be gripped and stunned, but on that fight I'd rather have the Enraged Speed glyph so I can keep up with him for a longer time.
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