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    New specialization idea

    Since new classes are hard to balance, how about new Specializations for existing classes ?

    Siegebreaker. An offensive warrior that uses light shields offensively and complements his attacks with the use of chains.
    *A few changes would have to be made 1st. In order to prevent siegebreakers from needing on tank shields and prots from needing on offensive shields. Shields will now be tagged as Heavy (defensive stats) and Light (offensive stats).
    Prot specs will now have their abilities tagged with "requires heavy shield" and SBs will have "requires light shield". Light shields will not have armor stats on them, will have a damage stat instead just like a weapon. Only warriors will be able to equip light shields, other shield wearing classes will not have proficiency for dps light shields. The light shields have serated or jagged edges.
    A siegebreaker plays as a dual wield style but uses a small shield for his off-hand instead of another weapon but the general animations are htose of protection spec.

    Signature moves.
    Shield Slash. 6 second cooldown. The warriors performs a slashing attack with his shield damaging the target for moderate damage.
    Chain Whip. Rage dump. The warrior whips the target with a spiked chain and applies a bleed debuff.
    Chains. Passive. The warrior uses a spiked chain to perform some of his attacks.
    *The chain is not an actual item, just an animation used for certain attacks.

    Mastery. Bloodwrath. Each Chain Whip applies a stackable bleed to the target for 20 seconds. Each whip resets the duration and applies another stack. Up to 20 stacks can be applied. Further atacks will only refresh the bleed. A target with 20 stacks on it will be taking heavy bleed damage.
    This is also the pvp burst. Just like monks, sbs have a ramp up burst, it's just that their burst directly stacks on the targets and at 20 stacks the dot will be ticking for a lot of damage and will take a healer's complete attention to keep his mate up.

    Attacks and abilities and talents.
    Chain Ravage. 1 min cd. The warrior performs an arcing move that wraps his spiked chains around the target. He will then pull it back, ravaging the target for moderate damage and adding 2 stacks to Bloodwrath debuff.

    Shackle. 45 sec cd. The warrior uses his chain to bind the target to himself for 5 seconds. While bound the target cannot use any abilities that close gaps or make gaps (abilities and spells like Blink, Disengage, Roll, Flying Serpent Kick, Charge, Heroic Leap, etc will be locked out for the duration).

    Bulwark Assault. 1 min cd. The warrior charges at a target. All enemies in his path, including the target, are knocked back 30 yards. Also applies hamstring to the affected targets.

    Chained Shield. 15 sec cd. The warriors ties his chain around his shield and throws his shield at a distant target within 40 yards before pulling it back. The shield damages all targets in its path, both when going and when coming back.
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    First of all, all ideas requiring a new item (sub)type will fail no matter how awesome the idea is. If you didn´t know, WoW already HAD a shield subtype during alpha, called Buckler (at least in german). Rogues and Hunters were able to equipp those. The idea was skipped fairly quick and won´t return.
    Second, I do not get how the mastery works. Does more Mastery make the dots tick harder? Ramp quicker? Increase the maximum amount of stacks?
    Third, please consider attacks that are already accessible to all warriors. Like Heroic Strike. We don´t need a second rage dump. And where is Colossus Smash? That one is used for both damage speccs.

    All in all I do not feel the uniqueness of that specialisation. It just feels like yet another dull Rage-build-rage-spend specc with a few more cooldowns.
    The cooldowns themselves are great. I especially like the Bulwark assault, thou 30 meters are too much. Also, I would love to see one of the abilities replaced by an ability that allows the warrior to attack on range for a short while - chains should be great for that.

    I appreciate your effort.
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    You say new classes are hard to balance and then you go on to suggest we add in 11 more specs instead.

    That'll fix the balance!
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    You say new classes are hard to balance and then you go on to suggest we add in 11 more specs instead.

    That'll fix the balance!
    10... Druids don't get a 5th

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