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    Coming back to wow, what server to start?

    So, i'm coming back to world of warcraft but have no idea on what server to start.
    I'm looking for a server that is mostly focussed on PvE but some PvP is allways good.

    I've done heroic raiding for quite some months and i'm looking for a server that has good progression but is not too terribly populated.
    I'm not really into waiting 1-2 hours before i can finally log in.

    I've been looking at wowprogress eu realm rankings and most good servers have locked servers, that probably all have very long queue times at the evening. And i no longer have any wow friends that make me want to play on their server so it really is a fresh start with a new lvl 1 character. And i play on the europe servers.

    My requirements:
    - A server that has a good PvE community and has good progression in heroic raiding.
    - A server that doesn't have hours of queue time, some wait time is okay.
    - A server that has mostly english speaking players and guilds, this is pretty important since some servers are filled with mostly hungarian/ polish/ swedish people.
    - I'll be playing horde, so a good horde populated server.
    - A bit of PvP to keep me entertained, but not really a requirement (i've never been above 1800 rating in 3v3 anyway).

    I was thinking about maybe Ragnaros or Draenor, can someone please help me out? Would be much appreciated, i would also like to start playing asap.

    Thanks in advance

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    www.wowprogress.com - Will give you stats, and population, and likely help narrow your guess. Ultimately, we have only our opinions and cannot choose for you. Good luck.

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    We can't choose for you. But you're welcome to use sites like the one linked above or our Guild Recruitment forums to help you pick the right server for you.

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