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    Spec swap stats and the future of WoD

    So we all know that with the coming xpac that primary stats will be changing over to the cheers of anyone that has an int/str-agi split.
    I would also be interested to see healer specs have a desire of secondaries that match another spec the class has as well. For example:
    MW monks like crit as their highest primary stats, so would WW monks. Holy pally likes mastery, well so does ret. etc. . .
    I know this would not be a perfect setup as not everyone is interested in one specific alt spec for their class, but would at least give people that are leveling or want to try an alt spec less of a headache doing so. Figure I would hear back from MMOC community before i post in official forums to discuss and gauge interest.

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    well since the main armor pieces will be flexible between specs already, you will only need to tote around your jewelery, cloak and weapons appropriate for each of your specs. i believe your concerns are already in progress and we should consider waiting until the beta comes out and info starts flowing more. THEN it will be time to bitch, moan, complain, and suggest.
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    Keep in mind, to the developers "[SPEC] like [A SINGLE SECONDARY] above all else" is somewhat laughed at. To their calculations it's about a 10% difference between "all worst stat" and "all best stat" and that's not far from the player skill delta, anyway.

    They intend for most classes to be able to perform while equipped with seemingly random secondaries (there are six now, btw) and not just perfectly gear stacked.

    Not to mention those first two are a bit off. Mistweaver can have much higher haste than crit because of those sweet, sweet haste breakpoints (for now) and Windwalker with [mastery>haste>crit] works relatively well in any fight despite it not being the highest simmed result.
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