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    Quote Originally Posted by Pancaspe View Post
    You need LFR as a gear stepping stone to Flex.
    This may be true for some/many? The truly skilled have cleared HMs with gear from heroic 5 mans in crafted gear and ONE normal raid lockout. That was 5.0. and it. hasnt much changed

    But ..yeah... for many many many very mortal folks your statement might bei True
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    Quote Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas View Post
    Secondly why are you not taking low item level players from your guild and doing flex? I will not look twice at a 530 ilvl player outside of my guild but will OFTEN build a group around the very same crap level type of player if they are in guild and I know them, they show potential, and I want to throw gear their way.
    I explicitly said that you can run flex by either outgearing the content or by running with your guild, so you basically repeated what I had said. If my guild's schedule coincided with mine I wouldn't be trying to pug flex. Also, this is an alt. When I run content with my guild it's usually on my main. But those are personal considerations.

    Running content that drops 540 gear in 530 gear isn't getting "carried." The raid leader exclusively accepting players who outgear the flex content is the one asking for a carry. In your case you admitted to recruiting geared people outside of your guild to "carry" the people in your guild. However, I still contend that if your players are in 530 gear they're not being carried through flex. 530 is more than enough ilevel to contribute to a flex run.
    Quote Originally Posted by CandyCotton Marshmallows View Post
    People need to get over the gear color (and themselves). It doesn't matter, and it shouldn't matter what other players have either. Worry about your damn self. Live your life by that. If you want to concern yourself with someone else, then worry about HELPING them, not putting them down or making sure you stand out as better than them.
    Maybe the game would be better with more low DPS nice guys and fewer high DPS jerks? -- Ghostcrawler, Twitter, 6/29/13

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