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    Quote Originally Posted by Aydinx2 View Post
    Which would then work in favor of the DPS, since they have more time to do other stuff that they want to do.

    That too. Then everyone would roll DPS to soak up as much "double time" as possible.
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    Definitely not. Don't need players spending 5 minute relighting because of slow connection.

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    This idea has been proposed many times, and its terrible.

    How long does it take you to find a spot to log out on your alt, and then to log into your qued toon? You're going to have to make the time to accept the que very long to accomodate this toon switching. Not everyone's computer logs people in at the same speed.

    And then when some people don't accept the que, you have to go through it all over again waiting to fill the group.

    I can understand why you like the idea, but I think it would just be frustrating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marema View Post
    There is already about a million things to do while waiting for a queue. I usually farm elites and warscouts.
    Well with 15 level 90s, you're clearly not someone that cares about how you spend that extra time... =)

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    Okay so maybe it's stupid and hard to implement... Well what if blizz allowed us to log on to two characters at the same time but that other character would have some restrictions what you can do with it. Like only level by completing quests and not allowed to queue anywhere or even group up?

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    Great idea, implent immediatly.

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    Quite a good idea for the people who seem to hold less things to do, but bad for development as I do not think it is easy.
    This could bring a little for people to avoid camping the cities, but also bring slower game performance as well. If most
    have to load on a alt, just then a little later be told that your LFR is ready - then they have to load on the other char
    and then load once more to enter the Looking For Raid tool. I do not think this would be an overall good outcome, though.

    Generally, it is a good idea, with a good intention. It just isn't so viable for everyone to be able to apply and use.

    Luckily, I averagely wait short time as a Tank or Healer - though, I do have the long wait times. When I hit the longer wait
    times, then I set on a hunt. Rare killing, farming, auctioneering or a little PvP here and there - it all help on passing the time.

    But as I say, the idea is good for some but not good from the view of implementing for everyone.
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    I don't get this thread, this feature has been in the game for months already.
    I do it all the time, have you guys even tried?

    I qiueue my main DPS for LFR see 30-40min estimate, log an alt and play some things for 30 min, log back to main, queue is still there, in queue 30 min, invite pops instantly, what's the problem?

    edit: havent tried recently since orgrimmar so dont know if its something blizzard have "fixed" tho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaladinBash View Post
    I think LFR queue times for DPS are a necessary part of the raid/dungeon finder experience. If DPS do not have long queues (compared to the useful roles), then they have no reason not to screw around/make trouble/complain about the tanking or healing. They can just jump in and derp and it's no big deal if they get kicked because the queue back up is instant. This would further undermine the toxic community that often makes LFR unpleasant. It's important for DPS to have a good motivating factor (time, in this case) to ensure they behave themselves and not get kicked. Same with kicking them for poor performance. If some bad comes into the group and doesn't do good damage, he should just be kickable on the spot without being able to just mouth-breathe his way into a new one.

    Definitely interested in keeping DPS queues as long as possible to improve the experience for tanks and to a lesser extent, healers. You should have to earn your place by patience so you know not to screw around when you're in there or it's back out into the cold for another hour or more.
    Well, that's just stupid. You fill your raid with "usefull roles" and see how far that gets you. So that's just tanks and healer and a whole lot of enrage timers.

    You dumb fuck.
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    Looking this as an alt levelling perpective, I say nah not a great idea.. When I level my alt, I do that that is because I WANT to level my alt, not because I want to spend time whilst my main is in a que.. I do not want to stop leveling when my main s raid is ready, I want to stop when I want to... If you want to do something while u are waitng, go farm or chase achievements, duel etc.. There are plenty of stuff you can do.. But ofc I can see you jumping and mount summoning in sw or org while u are waiting..that makes you bored of course..Your idea is like starting to cook a new dish while you are waiting for the one in the oven to be cooked..what u gonna do when the one in oven is ready? stop cooking the new one and just leave the ingredients in blender or something?..Be patient and be creative meantime..
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