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    So I finally decided to finish leveling my hunter by grinding on Timeless Isle. Two levels of MD+Mend+Spam Multi, along with several months prior of not doing jack on the toon has left me somewhat slow on the uptake of the rotation(see priority). I've read the guides Icy/Elitist and whatnot, but what I'm looking for to get me back into the swing of things is a good rotation addon that I can use to get back into the swing of Survival. I tried spellflash(epileptic seizure anyone?), and skeen? But neither really seemed to update the priority. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    its a priority now not a rotation.

    So addons wont work unless you set up a priority list. but if you know the list you don't need an addon.

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    I'd recommend recording yourself doing some bosses (preferably one's you aren't familiar with), then look at the footage and try to pick out some areas that you most need to improve. Once you know that, you can configure weakauras to tell you just about anything.
    As for me, I found that when things get hectic in fights I slack on glaive toss and kill shot cooldowns, and my pet control was some times sloppy. So I made some weakauras to help me out with that. Maybe try Clampy's Hunter Aura Group which is currently the top post on these forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gracin View Post
    I tried spellflash(epileptic seizure anyone?)
    Spellflash seems fine for me, but if the flashing is too much you can turn the rate down on the addon itself.

    You can also go into the addon and change the priority if you're adept at LUA.
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    Basically, it's what Varum93 said - Priority, not rotation.

    The best way imo is to setup your actionbars and spells a bit and just try to learn the prioritation on target dummies or maybe in LFR.

    Getting the trinket from Sha of Pride (assurance something something, AoC) from any difficulty from SoO will help out greatly since it'll give you the option to keep your black arrow 100% uptime.

    4-set t16 bonus as a hunter is extremely valuable, and you shouldn't replace any tierset part if you lose the 4 set bonus unless it's a lfr to heroic piece. Otherwise you'll most likely lose dps, because the god damn explosive shot proc is INSANE.

    If you're EU, then I'll gladly give you some tip and advice. I'm personally still learning since I've only played hunter for under 3 months, but I consider myself to still be above average as a hunter. I still have some stuff to learn though

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varum93 View Post
    its a priority now not a rotation.

    So addons wont work unless you set up a priority list. but if you know the list you don't need an addon.
    Yeah all those priority addons that don't work without your manual input and vast knowledge of the rotation.

    Oh wait, nevermind, they all work fine.

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    Method updated their Hunter guide.

    It's solid and a good place to start along with this site.

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