View Poll Results: When we will see Prideful Gladiator?

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  • Before WoD

    9 42.86%
  • After WoD Release

    12 57.14%
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    When we will see Prideful Gladiator?

    When we will see Prideful Gladiator?
    Do you think it will be before WoD or after it?
    If you want explain what you think in the comments

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    It's going to be after. Why? Because Prideful gear would be on par with normal raiding gear, therefore, making Flex and LFR gear obsolete for pve players wanting to progress their character. It would completely go against everything Blizzard has done this entire expansion which is make pvp gear inferior to lesser pve gear which forces someone that wants to progress in pve to pve and not pvp. The only way they will add prideful before the new expansion is if they added another MoP raiding patch/tier. Which they already stated isn't happening.

    So the answer is no new pvp tier until the new expansion.
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    Their is about a million reasons Prideful was SUPPOSED to be BEFORE WOD, especially the gear on the Test realm.. BUT, with 'that new wow killa' on the block next year, I don't see Prideful being in this Xpac. (If you didn't know from the last 9 years of WOW, Blizzard releases HUGE patches, Expansions RIGHT on/BEFORE a new MMO comes out that could hurt the game).

    I personally wish it would come out before so we could have a PVE'ish iLvl

    Anyways, Cheers!

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    I doubt they will be spending any more time on MoP at all apart from a few minor bug fixes, wich i agree with tho

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    With the release lineup looking like RoS, HS, HotS and then WoD, with RoS kicking off that chain at the end of March. I'm sure we'll see season 15 hit in March and 6.0 won't arrive until September.

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