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    Question Legendary Quest Line Question

    I took a break just as i was about to be almost complete with the 3k valor Req for the Questline.

    since july, did Blizzard implement a way to make the earlier steps a bit faster to achieve?

    And if yes, Which ones?

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    The 3k valor was already half of the 6k you originally needed. For every raid drops like runestones or secrets there are more drop opportunities and som guaranteed drops.

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    I think they may have raised drop rates on some of the collection quests.

    Lei Shen now always drops a secret of the empire or titan runestone if you're on one of those quests. (once per week of course.) And the first 8 bosses (first two wings for lfr/flex) of SoO can drop sigils of wisdom, secrets of the empire, or titan runestones if you're on the right quest.

    They nerfed the world 'boss' for the end of the 5.1 part of the chain, which you have to kill after the 3k valor quest, so he can be done with 2-3 people. Or soloable if you're a good tank probably.

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