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    Biggest PvP Guilds?


    I have a question that has been on my mind as of recent. I've been looking for a Horde (or Alliance) PvP based guild on any server for my alt and I figured I would inquire here. I have looked through the Guild Recruitment threads on Arena Junkies and mmo-champion but I wanted to inquire here for a specific reason. The reason is I wanted the communities feedback about where the biggest PvP guilds are in World of Warcraft.

    Like stated above I am looking for a Horde (or Alliance) PvP guild with a very active roster. What I mean by this is are there any PvP focused guilds with a massive amount of daily active level 90s? I had figured there might be some guilds out there with 400+ PvP players where premade Rated Battle Grounds, Battle Grounds and Arenas are a daily event.

    I have been looking around the community and I can't seem to find one that has a massive player community. Most of the PvP guilds are a small community focused mostly on Arena or Rated Battle Grounds.

    I guess what I am trying to get at is I would love to find a guild where I could jump on at anytime and have access to on going PvP content. Does such thing exist? It must somewhere.

    Hope to hear some feedback,

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    tich has a lot of big pvp guilds, intact everything about tich is pvp, you won't get taken seriously unless you're full grieve and have at least 2200 rating. what I'm trying to say is, serious pvp guilds aren't too fun.

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    You will likely want to check the high pop PvP realms - cause if what you are looking for exists - you should find it on those servers.

    I use OQ - it doesnt have the feels a guild does, but anytime I want to RBG or Arena, I usually find a partner or team in there. I have also made friends with many and have since played with them after the OQ group was done.
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    It will be hard to find anymore. Because with crossrealm grouping and battlegroups the single server PvP guilds are a way of the past.

    There's little world PvP which is where PvP guilds used to thrive.

    There however are groups out there that are built around the crossrealm style. CTG

    Look into that if you want organized PvP.

    PvE is the only thing now currently driving the actual concept of a Guild.
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