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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildtree View Post
    The problem I just said lies in the same set of spells and abilities for both PVP and PVE...
    They tweak PVP and it messes with PVE impact.. of course the other way around too..
    Yup - unless and until Blizzard actually does the leg work to make PvP and PvE abilities separate, there will always be imba in classes. And I'm not even talking CC - hell, remove CC from PvP (please!) and I'll be happier - but when you have abilities that are meant to do massive damage to mobs that have multiple 10s of millions of hitpoints, and the same ability is used on a dude with less than 1 million hitpoints, it creates balance issues.

    I'd rather PvP be about gamemanship and tactics rather than who can burst more or strategize the perfect CD scenario

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    Quote Originally Posted by corebit View Post
    No MMO that has "classes" will ever be balanced. Deal with it.

    If you want perfect balance, then this means every class must become the same, has the same abilities. In other words 100% homogenization. There you go, perfect balance, since every class is now 100% the same. Then class becomes entirely meaningless, choosing a class becomes same as choosing a color.

    Would you want to play that kind of MMO?
    Nobody is asking for balance to be literally perfect, however the current state of the game regarding PvP could be significantly improved. Unfortunately the developers are incompetent. You don't need to be a professional to identify at least 20 issues that are evidently unbalanced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirishka View Post
    Yes clearly they don't play the game they develop.

    Gotta love hyperbolic, ignorant comments like this. So much stupid, in just one sentence!
    Developing a game and playing a game is very different. They don't comprehend PvP to an adiquate extent and changes applied to the game are purely theoretical assumptions. They don't really know more about PvP than your average 1,8k player. It's a PvE game after all so they don't really need very good PvP developers after all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipoststuff View Post
    You're making it sound like current balance is very good and we are asking for perfection. Yes we know perfect balance is imposible. But current state of pvp is not even ok. Give me a month and i can make this game more balanced by myself.
    He is just ignorant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunchbox2042 View Post
    Of course pvp isn't their main priority. WoW is a pve game with pvp tacked on. It's balanced for pve with some changed to abilities in pvp where needed.
    Yes but PvE is like 80% about damage, 5 button to spam. They could do much more for PvP.

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    The problem WoW faces is it has two fronts that it fights separately with the same resources. To balance in PVP it messes with PVE. To balance PVE it messes with PVP. If Blizzard would make these two separate fronts, each with its own resources, instead of one single front in which numbers and mechanics work whats best for each than you could strike balance. Until that point you just have a tugging match between one side screaming imbalance and crying about nerfs and back and forth. It is a pretty solid tradition in WoW and pretty much always has been since around BC (since in vanilla they didn't give any shits about PVP balance).

    A great way to do it is resilience. Any target that has resilience (all players do as a base now) it effects spells differently. Causing different effects. At the core spells can be relatively the same in design. But things that prove to be needed in PVE but OP in PVP can be worked differently to prevent it. Or, even without the resilience thing, Blizzard could just DO it. Like they already do with some spells. But for some reason it burns at their core to do such a thing.

    So imbalance is here to stay.

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    I think it's extremely balanced. Especially on my warlock, survivability is a thing now regards to classes being op, they most likely aren't. I'd say mages are slightly op...that's pushing it. Pally's can heal through all the damage in the world (so it seems from the fights I've seen in bgs) but I still wouldn't call it op. Learn to play your class AND the class you're fighting, and I guarantee you would see that one class always has some sort of counter to the other.

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    The game is more balanced than ever before. You want imbalance, go back to the old school days. *shutters* lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Therealmagoo View Post
    PVP is just a side show game i can see why blizz wouldnt care about it, they should remove pvp completely.
    Lol do not ever pursue a career in the gaming industry. There are enough biased people in the industry already.

    You can see why you do not care about pvp, but you have no idea what blizzard cares about.

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    They should stop all development and concentrate on balance? When they have got it perfect they can lock the game, never change it again and exist on the subs from the few people who want this more than anything as 99% of pve players will have gone elsewhere. Probably most of the pvp players will leave too as they do not want to be in a perfectly balanced dead game. Blizz can then shut the game down and rerelease WoW with no pvp which will stop the crying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juesh View Post
    you cant keep things 100% balanced without giving everyone the exact same abilities.
    Like I said earlier, games like Starcraft prove that you can have a very balanced game even when the playable classes/races all play differently from one another. Yes 100% balance is impossible but they can get closer to it than they are now without doing away with everything that sets classes/specs apart from one another. Just some number tweaks on a more regular basis would go a long way which is what I think the OP is proposing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoth00 View Post
    Of course there's always variation in every season, but what about the same old elite classes? Mages, warriors, warlocks are just examples of a solid class that you can always use confident that you're in a good spot.
    Let me stop you right there and direct you to the EU PvP 3v3 ladders. Warlock used to be my main since vanilla. I also possess the ability to read and understand numbers. 4 Warlocks in the top 100 players in a game which has 11 classes means that warlocks do not have it easy atm and cannot, under any circumstances, be characterized as a "solid class".
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    I sometimes hold down my vent talk button when talking to people in real life.
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    Pve Wise its pretty balanced. PvP Wise its still a joke

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