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    Dark Iron Dwarves Customization Thoughts?

    I've seen a bunch of stuff about this Subrace thing and Blizz talking about adding up more to the new character models, but how likely is this to happen? Will we really see Dark Iron Dwarves running around Dun Morogh and Stormwind or see Dragonmaw Orcs PvPing in BG's?

    I mean, IMO this Subrace thing would really widen up this game even more along with the new character models. Its been years since our characters eyelids have been that little paper box thing. If Blizzard really does this I would even be alot happier and excited in buying WoD and I know alot of you would be too.

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    It is a good idea. The Dark Irons and Dragonmaw joined forces with their respective factions during the Shattering, so the ability to change skin colour/facial features to suit that image of these clans would be awesome not just for aesthetic reasons, but great for the role-players.
    Maybe in the future if the Farraki or other lost troll tribes joined the Horde, they could add to changes to the customisation for Trolls.
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    In that case we'll need Mag'har orcs, high-elves, 'lost' draeneïs, Elven forsakens (high-elves) and a lot more.
    They can't just make subraces for one race and say "lol fuck you" to the others, if they implement sub-race there will be at least 1 per race, and that would take a shitload of time, so for 6.0 i don't think it's possible, but maybe at 6.1.

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    I really wish it happens.

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    I'd say it's quite possible it will happen at some point, but I doubt it'll be during WoD, MAYBE whatever expansion comes next will use it as a selling point.

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    In a way they already did this. In Cata's beta they did two things. They had wildhammer tattoos availble for player models, but you were stuck with the entire premade skin you see on NPCs without being able to customize much. They did away with this after only a week or two, it was probably just a dev having fun.

    BUT, they changed all grey skin tones for dwarves to be forced to have red eyes. As a result, many dwarf players with grey skin tones that didn't used to have red eyes made a thread complaining about the change, or inquiring. A blue said it was done to reflect the Dark Iron migration to Ironforge.

    So yes, they very well WILL just do one race or a few at a time and not all at once. And if you get jealous, you're just silly. You are free to play any race you want, stop making this into Twilight as if we're Team Edward or Team Jacob and embrace the entire game.
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    No reason why it shouldn't happen really. We didn't get any new races however with a simple paint job similar to the Deathknight pale skin treatment you have a Brand new lore based race that you could sell to any potential re-subscibers.

    Simple Skin/face Choice examples
    Dark Iron
    Mag'har (Outland)

    Highly marketable race opportunity Blizzard. Just sayin.

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