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    Justin, I think the amount of players who are blaming their lack of progression on lack of playing time is a lot smaller than you think it is, but I am assuming you think it is a great amount or you would not have bothered to post about it. Do you have any real understanding of just how few guilds there are that have made good inroads on heroic content, in relation to the amount of players in WoW? Hell, I think we're still at less than 5% for Garrosh kills on any difficulty, including LFR!

    The WoW community is incredibly diverse, and it is foolish, in my opinion, to try to narrow people down into rigidly specific categories, such as hardcore/casual, etc. Our guild is 13/14 Flex, 10/14 Normal. We raid normal 2 nights a week, Flex once a week, mostly for alts now. Are we hardcore by most definitions? No. But my best friend who has played WoW almost as long as I have (2006) considers me hardcore because he doesn't raid except for LFR. He doesn't have the time or the interest to play at that level, but he enjoys the game and is happy where he is.

    We don't blame our lack of progress on time or skill, it just is what it is; we aren't concerned about it, at least as far as I can tell. You define fun, progression, and just about anything on your own terms, not someone else's, and you'll usually be happier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justinwreck View Post
    Hello, First off, By making this thread i have no intentions to offend anyone. I just want to understand the logic behind an argument I see all the time. Casual players will say that they can only raid twice a week or some other low amount, and that is the sole reason they are not clearing heroic modes. They use this argument, anytime anyone insinuates that they are not a good player. I have no doubt that in some cases, this is actually true.
    Here's the problem. How far you progress personally with your guild has little to do with how well you play personally. People join guilds with friends and family sometimes; perhaps they used to be full-on raiders who now decide to devote much less of their life to it. Sometimes the guilds are large enough that people are swapped in and out so that everyone can play. Flex is a godsend for guilds like the last by the by.

    Next: Who the fuck is anyone to call another player bad without actually playing with them first? I see this constantly and it pisses me off no end. Some people just raid for the hell of it and progress as far as they can as a group. If they're having fun, well then fine. Believe it or not the point is to have fun, not necessarily progress all the way to the end and then have to measure e-peens with a bunch of clowns on forums who have a worldview that guild progression is the same thing as personally excellent play. It's not and mostly you can never know without spending a night raiding with them.
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