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    RC Loot Council Help

    Hi I am wanting to try a new addon for loot council, I have had some dealings with RClootcouncil in the past but only as a raider rank not as a council member. The question I have is when I am doing the raid test button to see if everything is working correctly the members that I have selected to be on the council are not able to view the vote window. Can someone please explain to me what I am doing wrong, I have not used this in an actual raid yet as the raid group is starting normal modes in a week or so once we have our roster full. If the voting window will open up once we are actually killing bosses and doing live loot over just test mode then great. Thank you for any help on this question.

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    The test mode isn't all that great on the addon, and from my experience is a bit buggy.

    However, if you have selected the correct names to be in the loot council, once the boss dies and you loot the corpse the following will happen:
    Council members will get the item vote page + loot display
    Non-council members will get the loot display

    Also ensure that everyone that can be a master looter, has the same settings, in both the frame settings + council members.
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    Thank you for the response cetraben

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