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    My rogue didn't get an upgrade for either of his daggers until the week before 5.4 dropped, and that included daily heroic scenarios hoping for a 516 piece... As others have said, RNG is RNG.

    Remind me to go on my gearing runs with you, though! ;D

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    In terms of LFR, didn't blizz say that alts would have an increased chance of gear
    to help speed the gearing process up? Might be just for the first 3 raids(msv/hof/toes)
    but I could've sworn they said that in a blue post some time ago.(sorry i have no recollection
    as to when, nor can I provide a link, just going on memory)

    edit: found a link from joystiq but it only indicates 5.0 lfrs, so I may be in the wrong about current lfrs

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