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    Best spec for dungeon leveling 15-85 ?

    Which is the best spec for dungeon leveling ? I went for sub, but dont know if its the right decision. I havent played a rogue for ages, but I decided to get one rolling again as it was my main back in WotLK and I had loads of fun. That being said, can you please tell me about the pros and cons of the three talent trees. Any tips regarding the talents or the class itself are welcome too. Have a nice day !

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    Combat has far superior AoE which is the majority of dungeon leveling. Sub AoE is one of the worst in the game. They're a stationary single target nuke. The arcane mage of melee.

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    Combat....Can pull good numbers due to blade flurry, decent aoe, and in my mind personally better survival...never knew why....Also I would think 1 hand agi weapons more abundant to say daggers to get upgrades as you level, if you don't have the heirlooms options, problem though you feel kinda bulky and slow

    Assassination/Sub.......Fast & bursty single target kills, more stealthy and rogue like than combat.

    While dungeon leveling, if a tank goes down, as combat you should be able to hold your own evasion tanking with blade flurrying more than Assas./Sub can do.

    On a personal level I would recommend combat, but they are all viable one way or another according to your play style.

    Talent tree wise, Nightstalker, Nerve strike/combat readiness, Leeching poison, BoS/Shadow-step....are best candidates for leveling, you mainly need speed and control as a rogue for smoother leveling

    But they all share the same good old stealth, always use it always abuse it...in a good way that is , watch what you pull and keep your defensive cd at hand for the oh crap moment.

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    If all you're doing is dungeons then combat is the way to go because of blade flurry. No other spec will come close to it in dps since rogues just don't get aoe until sometime in the 70's with FoK.

    Questing I always preferred sub for leveling since you can burst stuff down super fast.

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    You should go with combat!

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