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    Playing on english server, with russian client


    I just wanted to run wow client with russian language, but it says "You are trying to play on realm with different language".

    And it doesn't allow me to play.

    The matter is that i prefer russian to english my all my friends are playing on english servers and i this were my characters are.

    Is there a way to do it ?

    I know i can play diablo, with russian language enabled.

    Funny is that i can play on english server using german, spanish etc but i cannot using russian. Why is that and is there a way to get around it ?

    Thanks for the info,

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    Russian client can't connect to Euro realms due to different codepages.

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    Apparently that is sorted out, and it can be used on English realms, with small bugs such as Cyrillic letters in nameplates.

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