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    Any word on this? Really missing this.

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    I tried the bitbucket site earlier was was redirected to a broken link page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spice Machinimas View Post
    I tried the bitbucket site earlier was was redirected to a broken link page.
    It still works -

    The broken link page appears if the trailing slash isnt there. Still no updates on the project though, I miss it very much
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    Really wish this would get an update!

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    I doubt this will ever come back, atleast not for Legion. Blizzard said these type of addons worked only because they took advantage of a camera bug ingame that Blizz never bothered to fix, until now.

    I personally loved this addon and made my videos feel more cinematic and more cutscene-like than just me manually zooming in/out and moving the camera myself with my shaky hands.

    For now all we have is the actioncam or whatever it is.

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    I am author of WebWowViewer. And I'm working on support for Legion atm.

    So far, it's far from even alpha. There is also a lot of reverse engeneering to be done.
    Somehow, Blizzards decided it's ok to have 2400+ M2 objects on one ADT. And my viewer can go stale because of that. There must be a lod relateed data somewhere, that is still to be found

    - - - Updated - - -

    Btw, ty forum for not letting me post a youtube video with current status of support

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    Just uploaded my last video totally unfinished, but i thought it deserved to be published...

    I would really love to have another tool to make new things...

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    So I guess this is completely dead? Is there no alternative out there right now?

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    I know this is very old thread but anybody know any alternative ?

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