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    Quote Originally Posted by Sargiean View Post
    As a DK I've got Thunderfury, and am 2 shards away from my Shadowmourne - fail. Came back last month and am now on phase 3 of the cloak quest. Oranges abound (or will soon abound)! What about the rest of you?

    Took me 5 years, almost every week, to get my second Thunderfury binding, and about the same time farming Ragnaros for the Eye of Sulfuras.

    I saw Death Knights who had both before the end of Wrath of the Lich King, RNG is RNG and that's kinda the problem with the previous legendaries. At least Shadowmourne had less RNG involved.
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    Quoted the wrong person and I'm too lazy to do it again. Nevermind this post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laggspike View Post
    and now shut up about "everyone got the warglaives!!"..

    here is the proof that everyone and their mother dont have it.
    Indeed. This just makes the protest against transmog legendaries (especially from the developers) "OMG everyone with Thunderfury!!!!11" seem incredibly ridiculous. I didn't know less than one percent of the highest recorded population (and likely a small fraction of even that overall considering the high turnover) was "everyone." And Thunderfury is the most common legendary, others are even lower than that. It's just silly. It's time for the silliness to end.
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    I'm curious how many people from each of those sets are really the same people. There's probably someone who has every one, and a lot probably have multiples. So the actual number of people may be a lot lower.

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    How about accounts with Shadowmourne vs accounts with Crimson Deathcharger. In a fair world I would presume that it would be close to 1:1 although I do realize that one account could do Shadowmourne multiple times to get multiple Deathchargers and sell to an account lacking Shadowmourne. However my guess is that the number of accounts with Deathchargers dwarfs the amount of accounts with Shadowmournes due to the alleged sale of "duped" Deathchargers of years past.

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