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    Alliance vs Horde

    Is there REALLY a difference? I started with Alliance. I did PvP a few years after initial release, love it. ALWAYS played Human and Night Elf. I was tank \ healer. So very recently (like 6 moths) I moved ALL my toons to horde, even leveled a Mage as horde..

    As Alliance I could barely stay 50 \ 50 for BG wins.. yeah maybe I suck, maybe it's me, maybe I need to learn how to play melee. Overnight literally the very next week my BG win percentage was roughly 80% (up from 50% ish...), and it has not gone down since. Dramatic improvement. I actually have winning 2's \ 3's in Arena.. it's barely above 50% but it's a positive none the less.

    What's my point? How can be alliance to barely winning random BG, never hardly won any Arena and the VERY next week as Horde I win more, and for the first time my PvP rating means I finally don't feel ashamed..

    So is there a difference or am I just lucky?

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    nope both sides got noob/whiners. and both got good players. just look at lore/races/class combos you like

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    Just the lore.

    Horde is pvp dominant, Alliance pve.

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