I know it's meant to be a joke but:

1. sure
2. would be cool
3. 10 yard seems unrealistic and not relevant. the old 8 yards was overdone and 5 yards is more realistic. This is fine but in the same breath hunters should have melee abilities back and traps be more relevant.
4. sure, i liked it
5. I liked it too
6. yes pls
7. i enjoy minecraft so could get used to this. It sounds a bit tedious with wow's more relevant bag space issues (which should be adjusted to how they were in vanilla pre-gearset issues)
8. yes yes yes
9. yesssss
10. I wasn't a huge STV fan, who?
11. definitely!
12. oh yes, great fun in stv with the back patrol <3
13. dont like this D:
14. yessss
15. no issue with that here
16. i dont like warlocks, so sure
18. prefer 4 specs for other classes with strong reasons for them.
19. yeah these were fun!
20. hmmm, for first characters it certainly adds immersion, even if you're just buying a spell it represents going to get training. I liked it but on alts its a pain.
21. mm, ok. indifferent.
22. dont like this
23. yessssss
24. yeahhh
25. no problems with that.

overall i'd like your list being brought back.