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    Quote Originally Posted by Gospels View Post
    I play Horde and hate our lack of choices, cows and belfs...yuk! Which races do you think Blizz will open up to Pallys, either from existing races or highly talked about (possible) future races.

    Keep in mind that Blizz has clearly stated, many times, that lore will not interfere with gameplay (i.e. if we want to do it, we will). And while I could see them taking lore restrictions into consideration when chosing the next pally race, I dont think it would 100% rule out any race.
    I honestly think we're to the limit of the race class combos. Any other "lore reasons" at this point would just be stupid...

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    The only Horde Race that would make any sense as a Paladin are Pandarens.

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    Gnomes and Night Elves Surely? Both can be Warriors, both can be priests - so why not the combo in the form of a Paladin?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyc81991 View Post
    The only Horde Race that would make any sense as a Paladin are Pandarens.
    Agreed here. With so much of the pandaren being exposed to Alliance/Horde in such a degree during MoP, it'd only make sense for some of them to go "Wait, this light thing? It doesn't sound so bad. I might aswell give it a shot."

    And what religious organization does NOT welcome new initiates with open hands?

    Also has the advantage of not messing up with the faction balance since both factions get access to Pandaren. Not to mention they already have access to the "horde class" shaman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddrik View Post
    Like Night Elf male sentinels, night elf female druids, Night Elf mages, Gnome priests etc etc

    They all started as the exceptions, but they are all part of the "Race's Arms race", a race that the Forsaken have been out since day one.

    And sry when you are supposedely among the 10/25 "chosen" that lead the siege of orgri/Icecrown/An'quiraj/Sunwell/Tempest Keep etc etc, you should be under the exception and not the rule.

    The UC paladin could be the equivalent of warlocks in SW or Orgri, a class shunned by it's people for exactly the same reasons...That antithesis would colour the race in a far more intersting way than Sylvanas slave ghouls and it is the main reason ppl want them in.

    I understand that there are many reasons ppl dont like them, but the reasons to include them far more outnumber them.

    Belf population cluttering, many would reroll to Forsaken raising the forsaken pop (propably the lowest Horde pop) and lowering the Belf pop (the highest Horde pop).
    Would give to the forsaken a tank and healing specc class in one go (atm they are at the lowest count with gnomes each on 3 tanks and 2 healers, 2 of the 3 being Dk and Monk that actually make FAR less sense to the forsaken lore than Paladins).
    Would advance the Forsaken/NEW Lordaeron Lore about their society without even having them being the star race of the expansion.
    Would open a possibility of Forsaken Race Salvation, instead of the Race being the "Race we will pawn some time soon when they dont behave".

    Time for forsakadins
    All of these have been explained either in the game itself, or in books. Thus they are no longer exceptions, but part of the rule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    See this is the thing, I think that in the Warcraft universe any one individual COULD become anything with sufficient discipline, but that doesn't mean there would be a big enough population of them or that it's easy enough for that to be playable. I mean, it's not like it's impossible for a Gnome to be a Hunter or a Tauren to be a Rogue. It's just not something sufficiently representative of the race as a whole to be available to players.
    Surely that would have been justification for not having Tauren Paladins, though? Brightmane spearheaded the movement for Sunwalkers at the very end of Wrath/ beginning of Cata and within the space of a few weeks, the floodgates open and any Tauren can be a Paladin.

    If Zabra decided to offer assistance to Darkspear and train up some of them in the ways of the Paladin, at the end of MoP, then by the time WoD comes around, there could be sufficient numbers for Trolladins to be acceptable.

    A similar argument could be applied to most races, in lore, for Paladins to be accepted. The argument made by Eddrik could be used to push forward with Undeadadins, or perhaps Sylv offers (re: controls) the last pockets of Risen to join the Forsaken to supplement her forces.

    If Blizzard decides to go head-on with the Army of Light thing, there will be a need for the Forsaken to become closer with the Light in some way and there are Undead Paladins out there who could offer assistance in such matters.

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