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  • Achievements system

    39 27.08%
  • Reforge

    2 1.39%
  • Transmog

    52 36.11%

    17 11.81%
  • Flex

    10 6.94%
  • Others

    24 16.67%
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    your favorite WoW feature

    Hey everyone, now it's the 9th year of our beloved World of Warcraft...I think it's about time imo to ask you everyone: What is your overall favorite feature in this game?

    For me personally my number one choice is the transmog system (Always wanted such feature even in classic vanilla days). Second close for me will be Flex system (being able to raid without being forced to have specific number of raiders require such as 10 man or 25 is always a win win for me personally).

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    I want to say Transmog, but Flex and Challenge Modes are really close up there for me.
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    Does raiding in general count as a feature?

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    Ignore is not an option, I am sad.
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    aoe looting is my fav .. looting use to be so tedious

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    AoE looting ftw. But my 2nd fav is achievements =D

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    Achievement system is my all time favorite. (and maybe transmog)

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    /ignore -- best feature in the game
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    what about just raiding? or heroic raiding?

    aoeloot is a pretty nice feature aswell

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    Achievements and Transmog. I don't personally care too much about achievements, but they're fun to collect over time, Feats of Strength too. Transmog is completely essential in WoW nowadays, since every single fucking piece of gear matches the set of whatever archetype it drops for, no matter what. We'd look like a bunch of clones. Give me the completely random looks of Vanilla/TBC any day. Transmog, however, gives you whatever look you want, and I love it.

    LFG's pretty awful - sure, it's convenient, and is great for the antisocial few without friends/guilds, and is great for awful players who can't reliably pull their weight in an actual dungeon, but overall I think it's rubbish. It forces Blizzard to design content around the lowest common denominator - case in point - Cataclysm heroic nerfs. Great fun in premade groups, awful in PuGs - nerfed to the ground within weeks to accommodate LFG. Furthermore, you're playing with people you have never met before, and will almost certainly never meet again. Terrible for making friends, or bringing servers closer together.

    LFR's fucking terrible too, again in my opinion. If it's the means for casuals/unskilled players to see this "amazing content" that was previously exclusively for people who actually played the game, then why does it have to reward competitive gear, especially at the start of the tier? Actual raiders have two choices - either ignore LFR and fall behind on gear for no reason other than out of principle, or they do LFR and ruin the excitement of unlocking new bosses, of killing that badass boss for the first time.

    If LFR provided vastly inferior gear, such that actual raiders wouldn't even think about wasting their time in it, it'd kill two birds with one stone - raiders wouldn't feel compelled to do it, or risk falling well behind on gear, and poorly skilled/casuals would still be enabled to see the content while it's current.

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    Mining an entire ore deposit with 1 click.

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    Achievements are up there (probably #2), but my #1 is the male night elf death yell. Never gets old.

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    The achievement system is what kept me playing the longest.. without a 'to do' list, I would have not done a lot of things I've done and quit.. or I would have just done the things I desired to do without being told to do other things. A double edged sword. The LFG/LFR has been nice too, let us see the content without commitment.. but that is a double edged sword too for me as well because now I don't need to be as social.. so I both love, and hate the systems.

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    i adore transmog, since it is incredibly old having the skin of some dead thing tier after tier after tier for hunters. but i love Flex raiding for my alts also.
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    Leveling of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justforthis123 View Post
    Leveling of course.
    Leveling is not a feature. Leveling is one of the main aspects that define an RPG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velshin View Post
    Leveling is not a feature. Leveling is one of the main aspects that define an RPG.
    WoW leveling of course.

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    Transmog followed by aoe looting and pet capture.

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    Achievements and transmog from the list. Also love pet collecting, mount collecting, and flying mounts.

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    Achievements = Transmog > CMs > Aoe looting = Pet Battles > Lore/Questing hubs ala Domination point > Reforging > LFG (has it's uses) > Indifferent to the rest, dislike LFR

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