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  • Achievements system

    39 27.08%
  • Reforge

    2 1.39%
  • Transmog

    52 36.11%

    17 11.81%
  • Flex

    10 6.94%
  • Others

    24 16.67%
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    and Draenei.

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    Really close for me between achievements and transmog. I change my transmog on a near daily basis. However, without the achievements, I would have no reason to play this game outside of raid and would quickly grow bored with it I'm afraid, so that's where I gave my vote.

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    Transmog! (i think it's more fun to design transmog sets than actually trying to get new gear)

    Personally i don't care about achievements at all and would be perfectly okay if they were removed completely. Can't see the point (other than e-peen thing or proving you killed heroic bosses). "at last i finished that achievement where i needed to jump down to lava naked!!! i've completed this game now though i can't even remember which was the name of the last boss!"
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    Brawlers guild
    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    which is kind of like saying "of COURSE you can't see the unicorns, unicorns are invisible, silly."

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    Dungeon Finder, can do dungeons nonstop if you are a tank/healer
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    You are missing many options. For me, pet battles/collecting might be tops at the moment. Long term, raiding is, but right now I'm only doing LFR on occasion, which is sort of depressing.

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    Achievements. It made me stay with the game even when content releases was really really slow.

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    I don't know if the game would have held my interest for as long as it did without them.

    Of course, prior to WotLK, the game had no need of them as there was still plenty of immersion and things to do that actually took time.

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    Achievements are the best! They encourage you to do some of the optional content available in the game when you become bored. IF there's an achievement or FoS for anything, I've got to get the majority of them! PLus I have another reason to complete old quests besides lore!
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    Difficult to decide between Transmog and Achievements. Went with Transmog because it gives me so much to do during slow raid weeks.

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    As much as I love transmog and Achievements, for me it was when LFG/LFR came out. Before then I was always missing out on taking part in the whole experience, but all of a sudden I didn't have to wait to be invited to someone else's run, I was able to jump right in. I became a better player and more confident and WOW was a whole new game for me.

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    Achievements, I'd be terribly bored without them. Transmogr is a good second for me, don't really care about the other features

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gurushockin View Post
    AoE looting ftw. But my 2nd fav is achievements =D
    This. End of story. I don't think I would of kept playing this game on and off if there was not that need to 'have them all'.

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    wow voice chat.

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    The gear in MoP is pathetic to say the least. Look ridiculous. Yes yes, art is subjective bla bla bla.
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    aoe looting

    hopefully garrisons will take over.
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    Sorry but LFG/LFR. I'm pretty social too.. But I have friends irl/job/family, and I don't need some ingame "friends" to do stuff..

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    dual spec best feature
    along with flying ( you see what I did there)

    Achievements system: I was okay with that, but now with all the LFR collapsing the community It's hard to get a group for raiding achivement,

    Reforge: I gave me headache and a pain in the ass everytimes you get 1 new loot

    Transmog: Cool feature

    LFG/LFR: LFG is okay for 5 men's, LFR by far the worst thing in this game

    Flex: Don't care, it will take more of that to get me into raiding

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastyfish View Post
    Ignore is not an option, I am sad.
    Can someone tell me what he said? I have him on ignore. XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by greysaber View Post
    wow voice chat.
    I just spit out my beer laughing at this.

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