View Poll Results: Do we need another poll/thread on flying in WoD?

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    Question Another flying poll 4.0?

    So, how many of you think we need another poll on flying in WoD?
    I thought it might be a good idea to see once and for all if we need another thread on flying or not.

    This should be interesting after the 20 threads posted on the same subject, could we use another 20 or so to lighten up the day?

    Merry Christmas everybody!

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    Get off my lawn!

    There's already more than enough bellyaching over it. You admit this yourself and yet... you still make this topic?

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    So you make a poll asking if we need more flying polls? The problem with previous polls were that they were biased (Do you kids like this tastey cake or these icky yucky cookies? Cake wins!) or they were badly designed, thus why several polls popped up.

    Its a serious discussion that has just as much merit as people complaining about dailies for all the same reasons. People either like it, hate it or just don't care either way. There's no reason to be obtuse about it.

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    Do you think people will change their minds if you make the same poll over and over?


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    I doubt the developers will change it regardless of how many people complain.

    I'd hope they expected the backlash. Either way it doesn't even matter the games current state is so bad that they need to delay content with the removal of flight until 6.1.

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    10/10, witty and topical.

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    I'm at a point where I say mods need to just lock every thread about no flying. There's literally nothing new being added at this point in the discussion, no one is being swayed. All it is is the same handful of people arguing back and forth about the same topics we were arguing about just after Blizzcon.
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    I voted that we have enough threads about flying or no flying whether they be serious or parodies. Please do not create pointless threads.

    And that's why this is closed.
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