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    you know for this being one of the big new features coming out with this expansion it feels like they're doing the most minimal of changes. I don't mean because they're lazy or anything like that, i mean i think they're being too conservative about it. like the alternate skins for races like brown orcs, adding distinct faces, more hairstlyes. instead of "working on it" or "trying to do that" type of answers they're all, "its on the wish list" "good idea, it's noted". i guess all i'm saying is since this is a big update to something many people have wanted maybe they should be more open minded about it. after all their main concern is making the player like the new models and it seems like many are telling them these ideas that they want.

    like the distinct faces option, i remember hearing people say that they were concerned about all the new models having just one face and i thought no way they'd do that but, it looks like that it might happen. oh well all and all i really do like the new models and and happy they are doing this when they could just not do it.
    This is how blizzard responds to "needed features". They just want to do the bare minimum, without making it "look" like they didnt try (like how they are working really hard on making the initial face look "great!", and then they can just "blend" the rest of the facial features in as "customizable" and itll be non the wiser.

    I severely doubt that blizzard will take the effort to do a second pass on the models , including adding "additional" features like better beards, new colored skins, etc. after the initial models and such get released. Theyll continue to say "its in the works" , but realistically the teams will get integrated back into the rest of the game. A prime example of this is how they "really wanted" to have in game voice chat for WoW. They spent the better part of a year working on it internally, had one of the longest PTRs because of it not functioning correctly, and it still came out subpar in comparison to its competition *coughSomehowDDOgotItRightThoughcough* . They never once put in a second attempt at it, to clean it up and fix / update the issues it had, especially now with how solid sound technology is, including software based.

    "Hey, Diablo 3 has a really nice robust system for transmog coming in RoS expa...." "Sorry we already did transmog once!.......but well pass it along."
    "Hey, about sending mail..." "Sorry we already did it once!"
    "About the whole guild system..." "DID IT ONCE!"
    "UI Action Bar..." "MOD IT!!"
    "Path of the Titans? /duck " " !!!!! ....we actually didnt implement that." "Does that mean that you cou..." "New Pet On Our Store!!!"

    In fact, the only time blizzard has "taken a second look" at something, was because it was never fully implemented at the time, like LFR, BoA (including mailing BoA), server imbalance / population , flying mounts.....being a permanent thing, monk animations for the non pandarean races, flight-paths, currencies....currencies....currencies (though...that could just be justified as "blizzard cant make up their mind" ), etc.

    In hind-sight , or rather..a premonition, Im afraid that the new character models may suffer from the same faults that the old models do; like asynchronous fighting animations that mirror the old ones (to keep the "style" the same"), improper model sizes (like weapons for some of the female races, or shoulders for most of the races - like male undead tiny shoulders, or horrible clipping / design issues with helms / boots / shoulders , etc. ) , "all the clipping in the world" , and awkward npc animation usage for quests and/or scenes.

    As much as im glad that they are doing the update, im pretty sure that it wont be "par" with what an update should be (like moving orcs away from peon models, removing the night elf male "popeye" forarms, caveman human and dwarf designs, awkward spines on draenei, hugely uneeded bone protrusion for forsaken [At least as an option], etc. ), and it wont "enhance" what we already have customization wise; hence we will still have limitations (like mentioned above with the difference in faces between a female tauren and a female human), and there wont be an increase in new options (like the "kinda" update we got with hair styles when they let races use another races hairstyle for themselves).

    I dont feel that a "Garrosh" update to all of the player models is significant enough to be considered an actual update to the models. Its kinda like saying "we now support advanced rendering options" ...and all they did was add an 2x , 4x and 8x AA option, leaving out AF / sampling / texture size / shading - lighting / AO / Physics / etc. . Yes the skeletons get updated too...and the faces do look quite a bit better on some of them, namely the female gnome and male undead .... , but unless they do something much better with the combat animations they have shown already, and improve the models themselves (not the hi res texturing ) so that they dont look just as clunky as the old ones, I just dont feel confident enough that its an upgrade. When you take into consideration that these "new models" will just be covered in "old modeled armor" may not feel like it was improved much or at all.

    I applaud the effort (as much as im giving them the benefit of the doubt they are actually really trying now to work on them), and im very hopeful that they do live up to the hype, but im skeptical as per blizzards track record; and from what weve seen thus far with the models and animations.....I dont believe they are really going all out at all. If they dont "nail it" for everyone...or the majority, on the first try, I dont believe we will get another chance at it in WoWs lifetime to fix them up. Its pretty much going to be either really improved...or a shiney new coat of paint, and well just have to live with the result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ausr View Post
    I... actually really like who answered the Twitter questions today. Upbeat, fun and took in suggestions willingly to see what's up.
    Don't fool yourself; all they did was basically say "yeah, sounds cool, next?" They weren't confirming a single thing.
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    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    Very nice pic's

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    wanted for more !

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