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    I can imagine, but I cannot create. Building a UI!

    First off, right off the bat I want to thank anyone who even takes a moment to help me in anyway possible. So to those of you reading this. Thank you!

    I've always been a UI nut, constantly tweaking it when I see something new I like, or moving things around to make them appeal more to me. Problem is, I only understand UI building at the very basic level. I can mess with WeakAuras a little bit, somewhat configure unit frames, etc. But, I cannot really get into the real fun stuff, "eye candy" if you will.

    Here's my Dilema:
    I can envision the UI I'd like to have, I can tell you all the cool details, the fancy designs, etc. I just cannot put what's in my head into the game =/ ! What i'd like is maybe some advice on how exactly to get what I want to appear, seeing as I highly doubt anyone would just make a UI for me lol. Wither it be guides, that go IN-DEPTH on how to customize certain aspects of UI's, telling me which addons would be best for the features/look I'm trying to achieve, or even just ahnds on working with me/linking their codes if it's similar to what I want. Anything would be great, I'm tired of looking at these amazing UI's and not being able to do much with mine.

    Here is the current Idea I have for my UI. I like a Minimalist look to my ui while still containing all the data I need to know in a quick and convenient manner.

    Direct Link

    I'll go over each setup now...

    Unit Frames
    I'd really like to try out using Vertical UnitFrames instead of the usual Horizontal. That part is easy, you put them on top of each other. DING DING DING score one Emaias! Again it comes down to the customization. I really like the style that it shows in this picture here

    Direct Link

    This is a debate here, I've used both in the past and while tellmewhen is a little more user friendly, WeakAuras has a lot more customization to it. A few examples that have really captured my attention lately are

    I really like the way they use both a saturated aura/timer -> Unsaturated when ready. Also the "Progress Bar?" for Chaos Bolt Burning Embers (?) I feel like I could do a lot if I only knew how he went about customizing them

    What I like here is the style of the icons, the shadowy appeal, and then the "Timer Overlay?" that he uses. I feel like if I mixed this with the one above it would make for a cool effect. But again I cannot figure out how to duplicate them. I asked them both in PM's but no response. I figured it would be Progress Texture for the one above, but I cannot figure out how to add custom icons with that particular feature

    I think this will suffice for now. I can use these features as a base for the UI, and if people are willing to help, and continue to once I get the base done to my liking I can keep going from there. Again thank you to everyone who either took the time to read this, or was a help! Every little thing helps trust me!

    Also a big thanks to:
    For giving me the inspiration in my new hopefully(!) new UI!

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    Hi there,

    Not on my wow PC atm so can't share much but if you really want to customize your UI in-depth, I advise you to get to know better the addons you'll be working with. It can take a little time at the start but it's very rewarding.

    Touchy has made quite a few very good videos about Weak Auras and tons of other addons he uses in his UIs. His youtube stream is probably a good place to start for you.

    Looking at your first picture though, I'm pretty sure you could achieve something of this kind with Elvui/Tukui given how many things you can now move around in those packages.

    Regarding the icons bar displayed in the Warrior videos, its actually an overlap of several auras.
    - 1st one is the desaturated icon at the back
    - Then the colored icon when ability is ready/usable
    - Then an aura for the GCD progress bar
    - Then the cooldown progress bar
    You can set the layer at which your auras are displayed in WA allowing you to put several auras on top of eachother.

    Hope it helps!

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    Nowadays the basis of most UIs is weakauras like kaytemoss said. Just learn that and everything else will feel much easier afterwards.

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    I don't know if Dicate still plays, but he put a lot of work in those UF and bars. Last time I saw him was on Draenor Horde I think ? Might check Youtube for video's from Numen(Talnivarr) and work from there on to contact him ?

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    I would focus on two things: Weak Auras 2 and stUF (a unit frames addon). Unless you feel like delving into LUA coding for ouf (more of a unit frames framework rather than an addon), stUF gives you the most customization without much (or any) LUA work. I'd say that learning those two addons thoroughly will give you the most customization bang for your buck.

    As far as learning them, you can definitely find good text and video guides to them online (the Touchy McFeel ones that Kaytemoss mentioned are very good) but you should also experiment with them. I'd recommend not starting out necessarily trying to do exactly what you want, but rather to play around with settings to see what causes what to happen. That sort of play can really help you explore the capabilities of addons with so much to offer. Combine that with actual guides and you'll have a pretty good idea how to do what you want to do (even if what you want to do changes as you implement your vision, as it almost surely will at least in certain aspects).
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    Thanks everyone for the advice and help! Definitely gonna spend the rest of the day/next few days reviewing guides! I'll check back once I get something similar to what I like

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    I would make the same recommendations as everyone else here. Touchy's guides are how I learned Weakauras so I couldn't endorse them any more. As for Stuf, I'd download and go nuts. Mess with the settings, get an idea of what the sliders do. Once you have a general idea of how to work those 2 addons, you can always come back and ask for help with the specifics.

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