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    Dungeon loot restriction - 5 man heroics

    Yes I know it is just 5 man dungeons, yet this infuriates me.

    Just a brief overview, perhaps I was just unfortunate to run with people that should not exist in the first place, but I am finding it very difficult to obtain upgrades as a fury warrior without tanks also rolling need on DPS items... Hell I had a fucking Druid roll need on a strength ring (which from memory they go for agi right?). If moderators read this, it might be worth restricting items to the spec you que up as (at least for LFD), because it is starting to piss me off. I could be that asshole that just rolls need on every tank item for the sake of it, but hey.

    Hope the ninja looters die in a car accident.

    Merry Christmas

    Infracted; Wishing someone's death (even if it's "not meant") is not something which should be posted.
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    Only pixels mate, no one deserves to die over pixels :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madoushi View Post
    If moderators read this,
    Think you'll be wanting the official forums for people to actually notice.

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    I hope people who write whiny posts die in a car accident.

    Merry Christmas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madoushi View Post

    Hope the ninja looters die in a car accident.

    Merry Christmas
    You're pretty fucked up aren't you?

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    yulp. and seriously fuck hunters who roll on leather agi gloves.

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    I can understand the frustration about people rolling on things they can't use.

    Don't hate players who roll on upgrades though.

    Depending on the stats, it can be an upgrade even if not perfectly itemized.

    Offspec rolls are legitimate too.

    A tank who rolls on dps gear or a dps that rolls on tank gear is legitimate.

    Same with a healer who rolls on dps gear or a dps who rolls on healer gear.
    Several dps classes can use spirit, but even if not it can still be an upgrade.
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    Use the Timeless Isle / valor 522 loot / then LFRs. This isn't the beginning of MoP - dungeon blues mean nothing now.

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    As it has been stated - if you can do a need roll on an item, then it is not ninjaing. Sure, it is annoying, but just move on. There are several easier ways to get gear then to get from dunegons.

    If you are speaking of the leveling 5-mans, then well... You won't hold the gear long enough for it to benefit you that much that it'll be a that big of a loss. So what that you happen to run cata leveling dungeons in TBC or WoLK gear... You'll replace those soon enough. Most cata/panda starting areas sell some "decent" starter gear as well.

    PS: Try not to wish bad things to other people, even if you see that they are rude, immature and what else.
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    Anyone know if dungeons in WoD will use personal loot system?

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    I just wish people would stop wishing for stupid wishes that they don't want wished.

    Also L2Deal with the rolls, i queue as heals on my shammy but put loot as rolls as dps, wanna wish something for me!? I'm wishing you'd wish me a wish!

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    Imo it is not a problem at all anymore. The only purpose dungeon gear served this expansion is ilvl padding, and if a fury warrior rolls need on a tank trinket so he can qualify today instead of tomorrow to run LFR this lockout it is fine by me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dilbon View Post
    Anyone know if dungeons in WoD will use personal loot system?
    I certainly hope not and I doubt it tbh, considering they're also removing it from flex
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethes View Post
    I certainly hope not and I doubt it tbh, considering they're also removing it from flex
    They're not removing it from flex; They're making it optional.

    They've indicated, in the distant past, that the personal loot system could come to 5-mans. I expect that it probably will.

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    I wish kittens to rain on the OP, they seem to need something happy and fuzzy.
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    If you need on something you can need on, it's not ninjaing in any way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaosturn View Post
    If you need on something you can need on, it's not ninjaing in any way.
    not true at all, if you need on something you actually need and is right for your spec or noone in their main specc need then yeah it's not ninjaing.

    Then again I have been kicked on my war tank for needing a 1h str weaon with hit and mastery both usefull tankstats cuz I was "ninjaing" (and yes it was an upgrade)

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    The thing to keep in mind here, is that the way Blizzard sees the loot system, if it allows you need to "Need" something and you roll was valid, doesn't matter what class or spec you are and the stats of the item.

    The only time they consider something "ninja looting" would be in a master looter environment where the ML sets out loot rules in chat then breaks those rules.

    That said, I feel your pain, we've all had it where you just can't seem, to gain gear because somebody else always rolls on it. While one part of me doesn't like to recommend this...I don't think anything could stop people thinking of themselves over other people. If you find that happens, sometimes you may just need to "join the crowd" and need on stuff yourself for the same reason. Sadly, I don't thinking refraining from this will stop other from continuing

    Mind you, in the current game environment, I wouldn't stress too much about heroic gear for gearing. Nip over to the timeless isle and loot all the chests (You may die to mobs with rubbish gear, but oh well), that'll nab you enough to queue up for LFR Mogu Shan Vaults. When you get a little more gear, head over to the Isle of Thunder to kill a few rare spawns (You may even find some people in chat willing to help, just run around these days there are always a few spawned and active), this will get you the vaults key so you can do the treasure room scenario and this will give you heaps of extra roll coins for Mogu'shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, and Terrace of Endless Springs.

    by that stage, you will have surely obtain enough LFR gear to no longer care about heroic gear (Unless you maybe just liked some of the models for transmog)
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    I've rolled on rings that had a primary stat I didn't use for a huge boost in Stamina while a tank - got looks, until I pointed it out. As stated, not everything is perfectly itemized and people will grab anything that's perceived as an upgrade.

    True loot ninjas are rare now - what with guild runs and soloable content - want that rare mount? go get it yourself!

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    Ghostcrawler tweeted something months ago that they intended to set personal loot for LFD someday. Maybe in 6.0?

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