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    Question What is the Projected Conquest Cap?

    Hi everyone,

    sorry, big MoP PvP newbie here. In fact last time I did arenas seriously was back in season two.
    Now that Christmas is here and my guild has paused the progress since we're missing a lot of people, I'm doing a little PvP.

    I was surprised that I could earn up to 15200 conquest points a week. It seems enormous. But since I just realised that today, tuesday, I only managed to do 2500+ points and tonight is reset.

    Anyway, there is this thing on my Honor panel: the "Projected Conquest Cap". When I search for it on WoW's website or here on MMO-Champion, I only achieved to find people trying to figure how it was calculated, or QQing because there was an error. However, accross the two dozens of threads I read, I could not figure what it was. I tried to find the news here on MMo-Champion of when it was implemented (I figure I would find an explanation), but did not succeed.

    I'm betting that somebody will find an obvious page to link in 2 seconds with everything explain, but Internet's maze is sometimes tricky. Mysterious. Magical.

    If anybody can explain me, it would be nice!

    Thank you,

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    Projected conquest cap is basically an estimate of what your next weeks conquest cap is going to be

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    So am I going to go from 15200 potential conquest points to 1800 (which is the value of my Projected Conquest Cap)? It seems... weird.

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    projected cap is what your cap will be next week, BUT you get 1000 extra pts for each week you didn't cap, until you have capped at least once. So you can win like 1 game per week and at the end of the season your cap will still be 15k+

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    Oh well, thanks for this clarification.

    If I understand well:
    I have 15200 Cap this week cause I never did PvP for like 15 weeks.
    This week I did 2500 points, so next week my cap will be 15200 - 2500 + 1000 (another week without caping). Or maybe not this precise amount, but something around it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychokwak View Post
    So am I going to go from 15200 potential conquest points to 1800 (which is the value of my Projected Conquest Cap)? It seems... weird.
    Your projected conquest cap is the conquest points you will be able to earn next week taking into account your current rating. Blizzard implemented it because previously you'd have to use a third party site to calculate what cap you'd get for X rating.

    You might be confused with the conquest catch-up, which allows you to earn conquest points equal to 1000 conquest per the current week in the season.

    So, we are in week 13 of the season, which means you can earn (13*1000) 13,000 conquest from the conquest catch-up. That, plus the normal weekly cap of 2200 adds up to 15,200 total conquest you can earn. If you were to cap all of that without going above 1500 rating, your cap for next week would be 1800 (project conquest cap). However, if you don't cap any of it, your next weeks cap will be (14*1000) 14,000 conquest plus the normal weekly cap of 2200 = 16,200.

    I hope i've explained it ok.. it looks a bit messy.

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    Well I feel like I am now a pro of the Projected Conquest Cap and am able to explain it to anybody! So yes it was ok!

    Thanks to everyone that answered so quickly

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