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    Question [Qn] Yogg-saron 0 Light 25man Solo

    I would like to solo Yogg 0-light for the Mimiron Head mount, but I have some questions leading up to / regarding the encounter. Any helpful answers/advice are appreciated.

    1. Can you do the rest of the Ulduar raid in 10man and switch to 25man just for Yogg?

    2. I read the DK Solo thread and someone mentioned that the Yogg encounter has been changed in one of the patches to allow for soloing (?). I believe it has something to do with the depletion of sanity. Can anyone shed some light on this?

    3. I saw Mionelol's solo video (Blood) and read that Fnx- has done this in Frost. Which spec is generally easier (easier defined as less curse-swearing, keyboard-slaming frustration here)? Is there a specific iLevel / reforging / gemming required?

    4. Any other hints / tips / advice?

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Rather than make a new thread you could have just asked in the Solo thread.

    1. Yes

    2. You can not lose Sanity via Malady and Psychosis until after you first enter the Brain Portal at which point you are vulnerable to Sanity loss as normal.

    3. Blood has a lower ilvl check than Frost. I believe Frost is most comfortably done in 565+ while Blood can be done in as low as 520.

    4. The challenging part of the fight is really the time before the first Brain Portal. Don't let yourself get caught in a Constrictor 5 seconds before they spawn even if that means eating a Black Plague or Apathy. Burning down the Brain in one go can be rough as Blood but you shouldn't need more than 2 brain rooms. After you push to last phase just kill all the Corrupting tentacles before the Crushers while keeping the faceless adds away from stuff during Empowering Shadows. My worst attempt was 3 Brains and I finished with about 30 seconds to enrage (which is a hard enrage since Yogg just kills you dead).

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