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    TCG Pets Giveaway, Blue Tweets, Dark Legacy Comics #421

    Happy Holidays, Design a Legendary, Part 4: Updated Concept Art, Nephalem Rifts Now Part of the Expansion

    Happy Holidays, ManaGrind NA/EU Open #9 Interviews

    TCG Pets Giveaway - Day #1
    WoWTCGLoot was nice enough to send us some things to give away again this year, so a big thanks to them! We are starting off with some pets and one month Curse Premium codes.


    • Enter once by replying to this news post!
    • Winners will receive a PM which they have 72 hours to reply to. After that, a new winner will be selected. Pets will be given out in the order the winners reply to the PM, so be sure to reply promptly. You can turn on email notifications for PMs in the Settings.
    • Entering more than once per contest thread is useless and will get you disqualified. There will be no 2nd chance for people posting more than one comment in this thread, you have been warned. (We will also of course check for double accounts, etc)
    • You have until Friday December 27th @ 11:59 PM EST to enter the contest. After that time this thread will be closed and winners will be selected randomly.

    Blue Tweets
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Warlords of Draenor Stats and Items
    Will there be any secondary stats besides armor that will be useless to healers?
    Nope, all secondaries besides Bonus Armor will be useful to healers. (Source)

    From what I gather tank will have a unique secondary (armor) and healers (spirit), do DPS get a unique secondary?
    Current plan is no. (Source)

    Now, absorbs can shield for ~10% of your health, instead of ~24% - more room for direct heals (3/3)
    You guys are making incorrect assumptions about how much health pools are being squished. (Source)
    Are the health levels we saw at Blizzcon not a good indicator?
    Not sure what was in the BlizzCon build. Important bit: Base health is gone. All HP = Stam. (Source)
    And how does that work with freshly created characters who have no gear? Dumb idea.
    No gear doesn't mean no Stamina. Characters have base Stamina. (Source)
    Forgive me but I thought those things were exactly the same thing.
    Nope, very different. (Source)
    Can you link an explanation? The stuff I can find pairs the two terms together.
    Not sure what you're asking. There's currently base health and base stam. Base health is going away. All health will be from stam (Source)

    Saw the comments on stamina. How will this affect Tauren with their Endurance racial?
    That's why I previously said that the ones guaranteed to be changed were the hit, exp, and basehealth ones. It'll be changed. (Source)

    Blizzcon screenshots seem to show Player HP = STA x 25
    I believe it reaches 30 HP per Sta at lvl 100. (Source)

    Can we hope to see an ingame model of this one day? It would be awesome !
    cool drawing-not unless we revisit current Outland at some point. Broken aren't natural species on Draenor - demon influence. (Source)

    Can you talk about DoTA style bg? Is it cancelled? Nonthing was said about it at blizzcon
    No plans for it right now. Maybe we'll revisit it in the future. Felt very "me too" with respect to the DotA trend. (Source)

    soooooo, will we have another season this exp or no?
    We have it in our back pocket if we feel like we need it. (Source)

    Dark Legacy Comics #421
    DLC #421 has been released.

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    nice, i want that sand scarab !!

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    The /Bounce Emote Wishblade's Avatar
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    Let's give it a go then. =)

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    Hopefully i'll get to save my ingame gold and win something.

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    good luck to everyone

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    I have all but landro's lichling, but I guess there's always late christmas presents I can give to people

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    I cam here to try my luck and win!

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    Can never have enough pets

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    Yay pets! ^.^

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    santa dint bring much so this would be nice

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    Gotta love more pets for pet battling!

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    I love free stuff! ^_^

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    Landro's Lil' XT would be nice!

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    Woo. Entering contest

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    Free stuff is best stuff!

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    lovely pets, one of them surely makes a great addition to my collection! ( atm 531 pets^^ )
    pick me pretty please<3

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