View Poll Results: What would you like to see go invisible next?

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  • Chest

    105 36.97%
  • Shoulder

    182 64.08%
  • Hands

    41 14.44%
  • Waist

    84 29.58%
  • Legs

    28 9.86%
  • Weapons

    29 10.21%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Even though I already replied to this thread, I feel the need to say, "Shoulders" again.

    Because gawd, I hate shoulders. Every silky robe and armorkini design ever... handily ruined.

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    I would love it if you could one out of two shoulders invisible. Would create a lot of fun set customization.

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    Hands. There are some pretty cool bracers on the game and I rarely get to see them =P
    Torso would be nice too, but I think it's kinda of cool to challenge yourself into doing a "savage" transmog and so many people would abuse of this it would lose its fun factor in 2 weeks.

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    definitely hands

  5. #105
    I always thought Transmog ruined my feeling of working hard for something and displaying it, no matter how ugly. Reason why I don't use it.

    However, I think it is still a cool feature for that occasional piece I can't stand, also just for RP reasons. I'd love a invisible transmog option for ALL pieces, also tattoos would be sweet.

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    I have yet to see a belt that didn't clash horribly with my transmog. It's really annoying that there are next to no minimal belts anymore and those that are, aren't in the colors I need (purple or orange-red mostly, but sometimes fel-green. Yeah, I'm a warlock.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endre View Post
    Chest, so I can look more savage! ;D
    Savage! That'll fit Warlords of Draenor! I'm sure if Blizzard sees this post they'll add it!

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