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    Rocksmith-style game for piano/keyboard?

    Hi friends,

    I'm looking forward to getting into Rocksmith this weekend. I tried getting my fiancee excited about learning guitar, but she wants to learn to play keyboard/piano. Are there any video games out there that are similar to Rocksmith but for keyboard/piano? I was hoping Bandfuse might have something like this but it looks like it too is guitar only.


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    No, there are none. Games can't teach people the complex intricacies of playing the piano.

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    Check out Songs2See. I'm a new member, so I can't link directly to it, but you'll find it on Steam.

    Based on the description it seems to be what you're looking for, and if you already have the USB-cable from Rocksmith or a good microphone, you should be good to go.
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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I don't know enough about piano to know if what Rennadrel is saying is true, but games are more than enough to get someone off the ground and give them confidence and passion in something they never thought they'd be capable of.

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