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    Weak Aura help - Boss name?

    So, I need help with a Weak Aura.

    By virtue of weird comp, my resto druid is now responsible for Weakened Armor via Faerie Fire. I want a Weak Aura to help me keep track of this. According to our rogue, who knows WA but keeps forgetting to get me anything, there should be a way to have a text showing the actual name of a unit by UID.

    What I have so far:

    Functioning WAs that shows the FF icon with 1/2/3 that triggers when there's 5 seconds left on Weakened Armor on boss1/boss2/boss3 or the debuff isn't on them at all.

    What I want:

    To have the text say the name of the boss. I don't know LUA to be able to get the name of a boss ID but what text would I put in the text field to get the name of boss1/boss2/boss3?

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    if UnitExists("boss1") then
        local boss1 = UnitName("boss1")
    I think you need to use the custom field, post your full aura.
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    you put %c in it and then in the box that pops up you do

    return UnitName("boss1") or ""

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    im not sure but i think it should work with a multitarget aura aswell

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