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    Need help with UI!

    Hey. I recently bought a brand new computer which should be able to run WoW with some cool addons. On my old computer I ran with xperl, bartender and some other addons, but I don't want to use a lot of time setting up the addons, I just want it to look good.

    To get to the point.. Anyone know some good addon packs that contain all the necessary addons? I dps and heal as a shaman mostly in 25m and 10m raids, so would be nice to be able to keep track of the raid, while the UI looks good, without having to spend a lot of time to set it up.

    Thanks in advance!
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    TukUi and ElvUi are your best bet. If you're after something minimal, skullflower's ui is great.

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    Are there major differences between ElvUi and TukUi?

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    I'd recommend ElvUI or FreeUI.
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    If you want something that looks good, I would recommend RealUI. Well made for all classes and works with an incredibly small amount of set up.

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    Are there major differences between ElvUi and TukUi?
    ElvUI is configurable from in-game and was a spin off of Tuk that Elv completely rewrote. TukUI requires some knowledge of LUA to achieve the same configurability.
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    ElvUI or the Fatboss UI Vids on Youtube are also pretty good.

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