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    Question Ordos & Celestials


    I've had trouble finding an answer so I will ask the community:

    Is level 90 the required level to be able to loot Ordos and the Celestials? I'd assumed so, however I want to confirm so I don't possibly waste a week on my alt (almost 87).

    Thank you.

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    I did a raid with a lvl 70 in it. I'm not sure if they could loot it though.

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    Hmm pretty sure I looted the celestial boss as a lvl 88 or 89. But that is a while ago.

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    I got the fail bag on my hunter (87) from Celestials. so i assume you can get real loot to if lucky.
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    anyone can loot it as far as i know, done an ordos raid with a few level 50's in it the other day, said they got the bag.

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    lost... so not sure
    you need to be 90 to equip the stuff.
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    I looted the Sha of Anger (remember him, guys?) on my then lvl 88 Shaman, and I got the item that begins a quest. So yes, I would say you can get loot from world bosses.
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    Obviously the items have an ilvl requirement to equip, but you can get them on a lower level character.
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    No you dont have to be lvl90.
    You also only need the back on your account to do ordos. Alts on other servers can do him w/o back (cross faction also ofc).

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    You do not have to be level 90 to receive loot or the bag. The loot obviously does have the level requirement however.

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    You can loot the celestials at any level. You can't loot Ordos cause below level 90 you can't possibly have the cloak and you can't get to ordos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Spam View Post
    You can loot the celestials at any level. You can't loot Ordos cause below level 90 you can't possibly have the cloak and you can't get to ordos.
    I hear level 90s can have alts below 90!

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    Yeah you totally can. I received the disappointing bag of gold at 89 one time

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    There are no level requirements for getting loot from World Bosses. As long as you actually deal damage or heal someone in combat you will get an item or the gold bag. My 87 Priest currently has T16 2 set for Disc/Holy from the Celestials and 4 or so pieces from Ordos along with the Flex version of the spirit cloak from SoO.

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