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    Quote Originally Posted by aceventura View Post
    yes we all miss that 2-3 instance grind over and over
    Yea....? I enjoy so much Lfr/+ the way of gear up~~ that every time i'm queing i log'off for the rest of the day~

    I prefer 1 run 30 minutes/continuesly if i want~~~ rather than spending 1 run 2/3 hours with the amount of rng per week. At the point of getting zero upgrades for 1 week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsubodia View Post
    because scenarios are so much fun right...
    HC scenarios were a lot fun when they were released and I remember people dying there for the first days also.

    But yeah 5 man dungeons > scenarios still in my opinion, both of them have their places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirilka View Post
    No I'm not. And you being a healer is a great part of your dissatisfaction with heroic scenarios. A healer is simply not needed. He basically turns it into an even smaller 5-man dungeon, removing any sense of danger, while also cutting off roughly 1/3 of DPS and, thereafter, prolongating time spent inside.
    So no, I'd rather prefer Blizzard create more awesome scenarios with unique mechanics like ones from "A Little Patience".
    Yeah and is that good game design or good practice to have two roles pretty much obsolete? Scenarios feel long and slow if everyone's not specced dps. I think it's stupid to say that someone else is complaining for nothing if they say that their role is useless. Healers should have a job to do. Tanks should have a job to do. Now they're just people who work against the bonus valor timer. Scenarios are essentially designed to please dps players because their queues won't be long because of their role.

    Also loot being totally random isn't a good thing because you have no control over how you gear up. At least with 5 mans you can pick the dungeons that drop the loot you need - I'd prefer new 5mans over the Timeless Isle loot piñata.
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    personally im glad they didn't add new 5mans, at best you get 3 new ones. that everyone does ignoring all the older ones.
    making lfr the catch up way to go was actually pretty smart, kind of looked liked how you had too catch up with current raid content in vanilla/TBC though quicker.

    and them making scenario's instead was a good idea in my opion, especially the heroic ones. which still are my favorite way of capping valor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melkandor View Post
    Don't forget everybody that Scenarios is what they said was better content for us than designing 5 mans, that's why we got so many Scenarios and no 5 mans.
    And they were right except for the fact Scenarios had no guaranteed loot, so running them was ultimately as waste if you were trying to get gear as you A) Had only a chance at loot and B) Had only a chance at it being loot you actually wanted/needed.

    I personally thought Scenarios were a great idea, but needed more incentive, and I hope they expand on them in Warlords. I like the idea of relatively fast, small group content you can queue up and run through with limited time, but the fact this is ultimately a gear-based game makes Scenarios with random loot a pretty poor idea. I'd prefer something like LOTRO's Skirmishes instead, which IMO are the best way of handling group content of any sort (scalable based on players, on level, and you can choose a difficulty, and get rewarded marks that are useful at all levels, so you can run any one of them even the early ones at higher levels and get appropriate rewards for appropriate difficulty)
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    We got some shit scenarios instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsubodia View Post
    because scenarios are so much fun right...
    Because 5mans are so much fun right...

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    @OP if you're going to make a thread to bash MoP, at least be man enough to call it that

    MoP had scenarios, there's your "answer"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    Because 5mans are so much fun right...
    There are people who like scenario's more then 5-mans. Like you obviously.
    But there are also people who like the 5-mans more.
    A mix of the two would be best imo, to statisfy most players.
    I like the 5 mans more. I think it's too bad they didn't make every scenario heroic.
    The normal scenario's are in an even worse position then the heroic 5 mans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirilka View Post
    Luckily they abandoned boring 5-man format and added more scenarios.
    I love sarcasm.
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