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    Changing factions

    I took a year long break and during that time all my friends who played changed realms and factions and have been pushing me to do the same thing now that i am playing again. I am alliance and the idea of switching over to horde just feels kinda "wrong" after all this time. Anyone else ever have this problem? Not wanting to faction change because they are somewhat invested in their current faction? If all your friends did would you just suck it up and do it or what?

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    I'm a die-hard dwarf fan. All my characters are dwarves. However, recently went through the same issue as you and went horde. Oddly, found that Tauren are the horde equivalent to dwarves (okay, so they are nothing alike). So now I have a fleet (herd?) of Tauren.

    I'd honestly say suck it up and do it. Being able to play with friends trumps faction loyalty. That said, don't necessarily PAY to do this. Anytime I change servers, I just level up again (with mailable heirlooms, it is even better). I'd quickly go broke moving characters around. It comes down to how much you dislike leveling vs. playing with friends vs. having lots of disposable wealth At least if you _are_ following friends, they can set you up with gold and bags!

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    I started as Alliance because our friends who introduced us to the game were on that faction. Over time they started playing less and less, and eventually quit. My husband wanted to go Horde since they outnumbered us on that particular sever, and he wanted to do some end game raiding.

    Since then majority of our characters are all Horde. I have a couple of Alliance toons now because I play with my sister, but most are still Horde.

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    I was the same but the other way around. I was Horde for nearly 6 years. My guild that I started out with and was in for all that time broke up (drama) and I was left all alone when most of my friends from the guild quit. Found out my brother in law played regularly, but as Alliance. Made a level one toon on the server he was on, leveled it up a bit and decided to move one of my toons over. 3 years later, all of my toons are now Alliance and I have never regretted the decision.
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    I hated the Horde! I thought they were animals!
    Until one day 8 months ago.... Out of boredom I rolled a Orc Shammy...

    My eyes were opened to a whole new story and way of thinking about the game...
    Even the people that roll horde seem different... I still can't put my finger on why... But you should try it out! FOR THE HORDE!

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    I have two accounts, one primarily horde with 1 alliance character, and the other account primarily alliance with 1 horde character.
    This is useful at times, since having this setup means I'll always be able to trade items from one account to another, and make faction transfer of items a breeze.
    also if I can't afford to keep paying for both accounts, I'll just leave one (alliance one obviously) and keep playing the main one.


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    I used to play horde on ravenholdt since vanilla to wotlk. Back then the horde side of RH was teeming with assholes (pharsalita, reaven, falkja, etc, off the top of my mind but many, many others as well - it's not naming and shaming as none of them still play). If pvp was your thing you kinda ran into the same crowd everywhere, the "known" pvp characters kinda congregated wherever there was some wpvp action. I actually hated the horde douchebags I ran into more than the actual alliance. When wotlk hit I finally made the change and rerolled alliance. Never looked back. Still playing alliance, obviously not on Deadholdt.
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    I do what it is but my experiences have been a lot better on horde side. That is not to say I didn't have good experiences on alliance, but horde just seem closer and pulling for each other more.

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    I started out as alliance and then eventually went horde when my friends quit. I liked the transition. It was essentially a whole new game feel wise. It was hard at first (I still fly to the wrong base camps occasionally; ouch). But you'll definitely not regret it

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    Despite my vocal dislike and hatred of the Horde as a faction, I play my blood elf toons regularly. I like playing elves of either flavour more than I dislike the Horde faction. If you have a certain Horde race you like, roll it.

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    I've always played Tauren. Then my dad got into WoW and started a Nelf. He didn't like PvPing or Horde RP. At first, I absolutely despised Alliance, but now my Ally alt is a Gnome Monk.

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    Been Horde since Vanilla, but now, after reading a lot of the novels, I'm starting to take an interest in the Alliance. The book that changed my mind was Stormrage. After reading that one, I just had to make a Nelf druid and so far I'm liking it.

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