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  • The Burning Crusade - Hellfire Penninsula

    346 45.41%
  • Wrath of the Lich King - Howling Fjord

    190 24.93%
  • Wrath of the Lich King - Borean Tundra

    37 4.86%
  • Cataclysm - Vashj'ir

    76 9.97%
  • Cataclysm - Mount Hyjal

    22 2.89%
  • Mists of Pandaria - Tge Jade Forest

    91 11.94%
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    What expansion had the most epic entrance?

    To clarify, when you entered that new continent for the first time, which one left you the most awe-stricken?

    Edit: To clarify even further, I am not talking about the zones as a whole. I'm referring to the first few moments in the zones... ie:

    Walking through the Dark Portal
    The boat ride through the fjord or to the tundra / Zeppelin Ride
    The dragon flight with Ragnaros
    The boat ride with the kraken
    The gunship and initial battle in Pandaria

    NOT the questing in X zone was amazing.

    The poll is supposed to say "The" not "Tge"
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    The Patient
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    The boat ride into Howling Fjord.

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    I gotta say it's a toss-up between going to Vashj'ir for the first time or MoP. Being attacked by a giant squid = win. Attacking a slimy Horde base = win.


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    burning crusade and the week or so leading up to it.

    too epic for my little 16 year old body

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    TBC was definitely memorable and felt like a huge leap from Vanilla. New, unknown world.
    Howling Fjord was also pretty amazing with its scope, beautiful art (prettiest zone in the whole game imo), Vrykuls, dragon elevators etc, made a big impression on me. Borean Tundra was pretty meh though.
    Cataclysm had hardly an entrance, but Vash'jir was nice. Hyjal on the other hand was pretty average.
    Jade Forest was lame and on the nose. Overdone mess.
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    For me, it was the Alliance side boat ride into Howling Fjord hands down. Nothing has even come close to it. That was back when Blizz could set the tone without relying on cut scenes.

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    Wrath. It as glorious. But we all know how it went after that!

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    Entrance event/cinematic? The Goblin boat ride from first to second starter zone. If that doesn't Count, the get to pandaria cutscene, Horde side. Going there and seeing the new continent for the first time, Burning Crusade hands Down, going through the dark portal, being met by a sight thats not like anything on Azeroth.

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    Going through the portal to hellfire was magical...

    The ride to Howling Fjord was a cool sight, but nothing super special.

    I was running around Hyjal before the expansion actually released (MC tricks with some friends) and even if I wasn't, it was nothing special.

    Jade Forest was an absolute joke of an entrance in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    I gotta say it's a toss-up between going to Vashj'ir for the first time or MoP. Being attacked by a giant squid = win. Attacking a slimy Horde base = win.

    Gah! I wasn't even remotely impressed by MOP's entrance =/

    And maybe it's just nostalgia, I don't know, but the first time stepping foot through the portal to Outland was amazing. There was nothing really like it prior, and it felt so epic.

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    I remember the first time I saw a friend of mine playing WoW years ago and remember the moment he went through the dark portal. When I saw all those demons and red land on fire I was amazed. Unfortunately I never felt like that on any other entrance so the trophy goes to TBC.

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    1) TBC. Seeing so many people flock to the DP, then being attacked by a demon army on the other side...
    2) Possibly the flight to Hyjal- Seeing the devastating and the firelord pop up ..

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    Boarding the The Kraken and listening to the amazing music while viewing Northrend from the side wins it for me.

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    Mount Hyjal - destruction,atmosphere,quests and the general tone of the zone were very "cataclysmic".
    WOTLK's introduction to Northrend right next to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Video Games View Post
    Wrath. It as glorious. But we all know how it went after that!
    It went even better!

    My favorite entrance, despite my dislike of the expansion, was Burning Crusade. Stepping through the Dark Portal and seeing the invasion coming right at you is pretty awe-inspiring. Not to mention that first bit of music.
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    Quite liked the whole lead up to Pandaria, airships and bombaring a horde base etc. Cut scenes were pretty nice.

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    Walking through the Dark Portal immediately into an onslaught of demon's is one of my fondest memories of WoW, BC for sure.
    It's like crossing an intersection. There's shit going on all over the place and you don't panic and act like an idiot then do you?

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    Boat ride into the the tundra. First thing you see are the icebergs, it really FELT like Northrend. Then Valiance Keep with the line of volunteers signing up for service. You step outside the gates then you realize your under siege by the nerubians. It felt so desolate, so frigid.

    (I also geeked out for a bit and opened my windows so it would be cold IRL)
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    A close tie between Vashj'ir and Hellfire peninsula for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palinn View Post
    The boat ride into Howling Fjord.
    This, probably. Beautiful, and the music, man.

    I have very fond memories walking through the Dark Portal as well, but a large part of that is because I did it as a group with all my guildmates together. Besides that, it was the first expansion so a lot of novelty of a whole new continent after years of the same one.
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    I'd be very curious to know of the people who voted for the Jade Forest, when they all started playing... because while it wasn't bad by any stretch, it doesn't stick in my mind the way the Howling Fjord did.

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