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    Been away for a while, looking for current state of priest input

    TL/DR: How is Priest as a class?

    I've been away from WoW for a while due to a multitude of reason, but the customer service of Blizzard's way of dealing with a matter was what pushed me over the edge to say I would never come back.... But I have a couple of friends who are pressuring me to come back and play. So my question is this, what is the current state of the priest class? I raided as a shadow priest in cata and I actually enjoyed it a fair bit, and found that I didn't enjoy it as much in MoP, which probably also led to part of the reason I unsubbed. Basically when I was playing I found that spriests had become less valuable to the raid group because they didn't offer the off heals that some groups utilized; or that I couldn't really burst like I could in cata(mainly during dragon soul). I know I can look at the dps guide for an idea of what the class has become, but is it fun to play? I don't want a rotation built purely around dot management, I liked having other uses to my raid other than strong sustain dps. But I really loved playing disc in PvP scenarios, but never got in with a group who I wanted to do anything serious with. So for PvE is spriest fun/viable? And how is disc PvP atm?

    Basically if you tell me that they aren't good then I'm just going to not consider subbing until I look at xpac content.


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    Disc is good, shadow is barely meh.

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    I enjoy my priest... the priority system is interesting but since you don't really like managing DoTs then well... nvm it :P Kinda in a bad state but *fingers crossed* we;re gonna get fixed...hue
    Disc I have no idea...as far as I'm concerned , priests only have 1 specc
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    Spriests have seen better days.

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    Disc is good in pve, decent in pvp (from what i heard). Shadow is like said "meh" in pve, bad at single target and movement, good at multi add/boss fights tho. From what i heard holy is spec to go as pvp right now, in pve there decent.

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    In PvE shadow is shitty, the raid is better off with pretty much anything else. On the other hand, disco is borderline OP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shinbout View Post
    Disc is good in pve, decent in pvp (from what i heard). Shadow is like said "meh" in pve, bad at single target and movement, good at multi add/boss fights tho. From what i heard holy is spec to go as pvp right now, in pve there decent.
    Disc is trash in PvP, with 0.5% representation and for a good reason. In PvP you go holy instead of disc.
    In 10m disc is fairly balanced, in 25m obviously OP because of T90 without DR.

    Shadow is bad in both PvP and PvE.

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    Priest make good healers, but that's really it. Shadow is an absolute train wreck atm. When it comes to hardcore raiding their use is very limited unless they have a holy/disc off spec. Pitiful single target combined with overall weak off healing and almost no to very little mobility make them not very desirable in heroic progression this tier. The only thing they really have to go for is multi dotting but there aren't really any good multi dotting fights past the first 8 lol bosses. I guess Paragons would be if you just want to pad meters.

    On the bright side, if you decide to go healing, you'll be in an excellent spot as priest healers are not weak at all.

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    Shadow is bad, but not unusefull...If you learn how to play and enjoy it, it can still be a decent class. Its not the best class if u want to progress in world/server first content, but that time is over, and even then shadow priests were used. Its easier to gear nowadays and others will compensate for any lack of dmg, if u compare it to early progress the damage you will output it alot higher now anyway. I occasionally play shadow as offspec in heroic, and yes i know the diffrence with other classes especially on single target and movement fights (wich if u play normal, movement isnt as bad). If u want to top meters, this is the wrong class and u might aswell roll a lock, but else dont let it stop you if you enjoy it, just be warned.

    I didn´t know about disc pvp, i just said what i overheard. But yes then id go for holy
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    Disc is a blast, Holy is spamming renew,Pom, CoH, throw some flashes, every once in a while PoH. I have been shadow since vanillia, always loved it. The only problem is it is so gear dependent >.< I am at 668 w/o the cape and still only pulling 250-290. While hunters and mages are pulling 300k plus with lesser ilvls. The raid utility sucks... The only use i have in a raid is VE and Hope... Which makes the sub par dps not worth it. The only reason i am put into Herooics, is we are able to maintain 250k dps most fights. The highest burst i have had is 600k on Protectors and Kalaxxi. Multiple Dots, is the only way you will see over 300k... sad day for Shadows =(

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    If you could play them well in Cata, then in good gear you should be able to perform well in Mists end game. Some fights you will do better than average, others you may be mid to low. If you are looking to compare top 10% content and those playing you will more than likely be towards the bottom for DPS. Nothing wrong with that, someone has to be. Even if you had 17 Warlock in BiS gear someone will be at the bottom. I have my fingers crossed for us to be better in WoD, but even if we are not or end up worse I will still play Shadow, because I find the class enjoyable to play.

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    Thanks for the input so far, I've ended up resubbing, and getting an instant lvl90 boomkin, but I'll probably just stick to like LFR on spriest.

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    Looking for a new guild as an under-geared spriest is freaking painful.

    However, I'm having a blast playing Disc on my alt priest. I'm obliterating better geared healers in them Flex modes!

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