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    Dismantling Blizzard
    Normal classes: tinker, necromancer,

    Hero classes: dragonsworn, demon hunter,

    New specializations of existing classes: shaman tank, hunter without pet, rogue of long-range, mage melee,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyptheria View Post
    "corrupted healing abilities." I was scoping this out just as a fun exercise, but so far I've found that while this is easy to do for PvP, making it viable for PvE is a little harder.
    Demon Hunters ---> Blizzard can create lore and can create a new type of demon hunters which may use corrupted healing abilities . Why not?!
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    WoW isn't all about new concepts or themes, it's about classic archetypes that fit the Holy Trinity gameplay style of Warcraft.
    Demon Hunter Class Idea
    Quote Originally Posted by TJ View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyptheria View Post
    Maybe, but I've seen how people behave around here when others have done so - it seems to be 99% negative, 1% positive. Would you mind if I PM'd you with the concept(s) once I've fleshed them out?
    Sorry for the late reply. That would be just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by insertcreativenamehere View Post
    If a Tinkerer class were to come to be, I'd hope that they can deploy mechanical pets and turrets. It'd be someone that is an insanely skilled engineer, that can tinker and tweak anything to use as a tool.
    Yeah, if you play Hearthstone, the Gelbin Mekkatorque card is pretty awesome. Lots of great ideas for class abilities.

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    Thanks, I'll PM once I've cleaned up a few things.
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