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    Quote Originally Posted by Karizee View Post
    Here's a detailed explanation by Gaile Gray of what is and what is not allowed regarding macros and other 3rd party programs:
    Ah, so you can use the GW2 programmable KB. You just have to use step or fail-through macros. Macro-ing single click functions is fine.

    Just as I suspected.

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    I would recommend to the OP a few things. Nothing to feel forced into doing but goals to achieve.

    -Level to 80
    -Find a guild that runs dungeons or pvp whatever you prefer
    -Save up for a legendary, this is a big goal but something to work towards when you enter in the game at max level.
    -Level a crafting profession, they are largely useless unless you want to get ascended gear
    -Gather skins

    I personally just pvp since I'm largely anti-social and have a hard time forming groups to farm gold and fractles.

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