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    Cool Paintball!

    I don't know if this goes in here or what but if there is any paintball fans out there here is some GoPro footage of me and a mate playing at our local field. Let us know what you think of the footage and stuff. I know the sound and the dual screens are out abit

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    I'll watch it later. Btw your signature is hard to read in that thick red font. You should change it, I find it'd be more effective. Just saying.

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    Thanks I will get onto it asap
    Also let us know what you think of the video.

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    Remember to like and comment! Thanks guys!

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    You make yourself a larger target when you hold your marker like that (one hand, fully extended arm).

    Makes me miss woods games though!

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    Try strikeball)))) It's crazy!!
    It it more realistic than paintball)

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    Wood games are my favorite! I would like to give a indoor game a go, like office swat scenario.

    Is Strikeball anything like airsoft? or completely different?

    In other news I have a new video up! Please let me know what you think and remember to like and subscribe it helps alot!

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    Looks fun!
    Never got the chanse to try it out my self tho, but nice vids mate

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    Old video of my local field holding a 3v3 tourney. Worked as a ref out there during this time. Sold all my equip bout a year later. Would love to get back into but it was so expensive back in the day when I played. Could easily go through 2-3 cases on a Sunday morning during practice.

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    Yeah its pretty expensive now unless your at a large field. I play on a smaller field so not as much traffic and therefore more expensive. I still need to buy my own gun only thing I am missing.
    Oh and nice video

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    Yet another video from my local paintball field! Let us know what you think by either commenting here or on the video page, even if the comment is about how terrible it is let me know Also if you could please like and subscribe to my channel if you enjoy the videos I have been putting up or even share the video to your friends to convince them to go paintballing with you Once again thanks guys!

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    Make a paintball thread and post a woodsball video? tisk tisk

    Real paintball..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon138 View Post
    Make a paintball thread and post a woodsball video? tisk tisk

    Real paintball..
    Paintball in general not the specific styles XD

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    I quit playing paintball awhile ago, but still post on pbnation and keep up with the pro leagues and some of the divisional teams. Here's a video with my old team in it (gridlock).

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    I still have all my paintball stuff. Got a tippman 98 in silver. I loved it. Too bad airsoft has pretty much taken over here. All the good paintball places are closed now. I've been thinking about selling off my gear as I haven't played in 10 years.

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    I'd play more often if it wasn't so expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon138 View Post
    I'd play more often if it wasn't so expensive.
    Exactly why I quit playing.

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    I agree paintball is expensive, I tend to space out my games so that it isn't a massive dump of money. Lucky for me Australia has made airsoft illegal (Lucky cause I love paintball but would love to give airsoft a go).

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just uploaded another video. Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think of the video! Thanks again!

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    New video! This was some old footage!

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