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    Opinions on Dps?

    Alright, I am about to be progressing on H Paragons next monday, and unfortunately, I am not one of those technical savvy warlock mathy people, I am having some 'issues' with my DPS, seeing as I cannot seem to catch up on some fights to another destro lock, I have a 11 button keybind mouse, I have my Havoc set as a mouseover cast alongside my shadowburn. I will post my logs and what not and I would greatly appreciate some feedback.


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    Probably best to mention your warlocks name and link an amoury :P

    EDIT: Sorry realized the other lock was affliction.

    Armoury for others clicky.
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    Oops my bad, forgot to post my armory but it looks like the person above did that, thanks Anzen xD

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    Do not even think about using havoc for shadow burn. It should be used solely for ember generation. It's wasted dps.

    Similarly, the paragons don't return embers, so don't be too trigger happy dumping all your embers on it. One example I can think of is that you lust when xaril comes down and need to burn him asap. If you dump all your embers shadow burning hisek you will do less damage to xaril.
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    Alright, but how would I technically improve for other fights? Paragons doesn't seem that challenging...rotational wise for a warlock, mechanic wise obviously it'll be difficult but, I want to generally improve myself for Paragons and other fights so that I am not so far behind know what I mean?

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    Been very unlucky with the purified bindings, as that is quite an important part, usually lines up well with dark soul, and also lines up with KTT sometimes, making chaos bolts hit soooo hard.

    Also a lot of times KJC is the talent to go with, seeing as you lost about 30-40 incinerates vs keyzo at malkorok and only replaced them with 15 fel flames, which in the first place only hits half as hard.
    Also how you managed to top nazgrim with only 11 shadowburns, I usually get around 40-60 shadowburns on that fight. Granted the fight is 3 minutes longer for us so far.

    More shadowburns and purified bindings and I expect you to go even or above him, and be smart about your choice with KJC vs AD, its not worth it if you lose as much as 15 casts + 15 more fel flames instead of incinerate.
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    What fights would you say KJC is better than Archimonde's and what methods would you use to shadowburn a lot of adds say, on Dark shamans? And yeah i've been VERY unlucky w/ the Bindings from Immerseus, i've coined the Heroic Warforged helm several times. Hell, I have a hard time sometimes during Heroic Spoils, I always end up being lower than what I should be, not quite sure if my mouseover macro for shadowburn actually works.

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