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    Getting g600 how to bind

    Could be wrong forum but most logical place i could find
    So. been playing with a mechanical keyboard for 2 ish years now. decided to try a mouse with more then 4 buttons so i've ordered a G600.

    Now previously ive been using:

    Shift + 1-5,q,e,r,t,c,§,a,s,d
    Alt+ q,w,e,

    Now since the g600 got 12 sidebuttons + what ive understand a button that you can bind shift to (not sure how well this is to use tho).

    So now im curious how to optimize my gameplay with this mouse, i havent gotten it on my table yet but should come within 1-2 days and i want to be somewhat prepared to make it as smooth as possible to do the transition.

    What do you bind to your multibutton mouse? is cd's majority of constant hitting spells, do you strafe with mouse? is the shift binding any good on the mouse? for example shift on mouse then klick 1-5 and such on keyboard?

    Ive been thinking of having more useing attacks on the mouse but afraid it'll be to much pressing so my hand might hurt/mouse moves around(big hands and pressing rather hard)

    any advice how to set my layout with this new "awesome" mouse?
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    I have a g600 myself, I just have the pad on the side set as the num pad. I have a couple macros that I use for out of game functions but in game I use only cooldowns on it. It is slightly awkward to hit some keys, so having them only needing to be hit every now and then works best for me. You can easily bind functions in keybinds to num pad with no real conflicts. Also, if you tank having marks keybound is a big blessing.

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    I also have a G600 and also only used the mouse buttons for cooldown abilities, I've set them to (you will see it when you get it) G9 - G14 as they are the buttons that are under the tip of your thumb when holding the mouse. Very easy to do, all you need to do is download some software from Logitech website and play around with the set up, just don't do what I did when I first got it and close the program down when you want to launch a game.

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    I'm using one myself and have been doing so for about 1-2 years. I personally like the mouse a lot, and I recommend binding abilites/actions that you feel comfortable with.

    Currently I'm using the buttons at the start for AoE (Multishot), the traps menu and stampede. I can't remember what others I'm using, but at the back I'm using auto-walk, push-to-talk for Teamspeak etc.

    The best way to keybind is to just keybind it and force yourself to adapt.

    Usually you have to swap around for a while to find what suits you. It will take a few hours/days, or maybe weeks if you're not used to forcing yourself to learn new keybindings.

    Good luck!

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    Personally i would never bind main rotation spells on the mouse, for me it feels very inefficient and way slower than keyboard, even while kiting strafing keyboard is much faster for me. Cooldowns and spells with reticle like rain of fire, mass dispel, blizzard etc is okay to bind on a mouse imo.

    There is a software you need to use for the g600, just use the built in WoW profile there will be a list of keybindings that you can just drag and drop on the mouse image on the UI. Very Easy
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    I use 1-12 on num pad with the 5 being replaced with "h" as you cant do a shift modifier with numpad 5. Then on the side button you can bind that to something like "l" because who has that big hands to reach to l :P Its really nice to do as you can add targeting macro's to it if you do arena, or some spells that need quick reaction to if you look at the buttons like a phone 0 would be because you can react quickly with that button. and then add more passive spells to the buttons, With the g600 also you can have different bind sets so what I do it I have a bind mode for battlepets so I can fly around and do them with one hand and If I extent the usb cable I can play in bed. Unbind the g shift key as you dont really need that. I also enjoy the mouse for league of legends and other games, for example in league I play exclusively with my mouse.

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    I have G600 too and have bound F1-F12 to left sidebuttons. Right "sidebutton" is shift so i can bind shift+something easily. I use only self buffs in those sidebuttons though. Weapon enchants in F10, lightning shield in F11 etc.

    Imo that shift modifier in right sidebutton is a must, could not play without it anymore. My previous mouse had sidebutton on both sides and i used shift modifier in it too. It can just double your bind keys.

    I have somekind of bug in my software(?) though, sometimes it just throws my cursor straight down on the screen. Small problem but still.
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    haha 12h straight gaming and still hard to get used to this. guess i just have to force learn em all at once
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    Been using the G600 since the day it was available, and I wouldn't want to play without it anymore. I'm using CTRL-F1 to F12 without the shift button, and Shift-F1 to F12 with the shift button. Just use something that you are very unlikely to press under normal circumstances.

    In game I changed my bar layout (using Bartender, but obviously other addon will work, too) to resemble the thumb buttons layout:

    The bigger buttons at the right are the ones without the shift key, the smaller ones to the left are the ones with the shift key. That really helped at the beginning.

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    I have a g700 and have a question. One of the other guys in my guild also has a g700 and tells me that he uses the side buttons to cast his traps at the mouse pointer location.

    I assume he means that if he casts snake trap it will shoot to wherever his mouse pointer is. How on earth do you make a macro like that? I would fine that useful for all classes that have some sort of targeting reticle that needs to be placed on the ground.

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    That should be possible with a macro in the mouse/driver. I.e. let the macro press the trap button, wait a couple ms, then press the LMB. I guess that's against Blizz' rules, though.

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    The buttons on the g600 are basically 2 sets of 6 buttons and not all of them are as easy to reach imo. I bind my main rotation to 1-6 and 7-8, and 3 important cooldowns to 10-12. I never bind the 9 button because it is too awkward for me to use reliably.

    It's really nice being able to freely move with both mouse and keyboard while maintaining a full rotation. I still bind some mods and occasional skills/macros to my keyboard if anything out of habit, but they rarely hinder movement.

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