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    Ryse son of Rome

    Anyone else had a chance to play this game?

    I got it for my brother for Xmas and I've already beat it on the most difficult setting. All in all I thought it was a pretty fun game, just lacks replay value.

    I'm a little disappointed with the multiplayer. I was hoping for maybe some epic battles with friends or even being on the barbarian or roman side in battles. For a the first wave of games for the Xbox one this was a pretty good start imo. Really excited to see what comes in the future.

    Video of me in the arena


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    Played some campaign and coop at a girlfriends house and i loved it, looks amazing and the combat feels great. If i would buy a xbone Ryse would be a day one.

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    The combat looked like something that would get old extremely fast.

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    Never even heard of it. Watched your vid, actually looks like a pretty cool game. May have to give it a try.
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    Got really sick of the executions, really quick

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    it was a great game. loved missions 5 and afterwards! Worth a rent not a buy. I burrowed it from my friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by EyelessCrow View Post
    The combat looked like something that would get old extremely fast.
    Mostly timing based. If you fuck up a block, shove, or roll on Legendary you lose a large chunk of life. Health regen is also much much lower.

    It does get a little boring at times but it feels like one of those games you don't have to play a lot to enjoy. It's something I could go back and play for a few hours here and there just to have fun.

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    when i saw the commercial for this, i thought it was an imperial soldier from elder scrolls. immediately almost orgasmed because i thought a new elder scrolls game was on the way >.<

    looks pretty nifty though, i'll have to give it a try.

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    Decent looking and horrible playing Dynasty Warriors, with executions that get really boring to watch and the general feel of running down one extended hallway through the whole game.

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    Pretty boring game. It's an excellent example that Crytek can create an great visual but lack in gameplay mechanics, storyline and lore. Another benchmark game. Reminds me of Spartan: Total Warrior game from PS2 for some reason.
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    The gigantic amount of derp I've read about the story of this game has overthrown my distaste of it's QTE gameplay, which is a feat in itself as I'm more of a gameplay type
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    Shallow but not unfun.

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