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  • Druid

    2 18.18%
  • Paladin

    6 54.55%
  • Shaman

    3 27.27%
  • Priest

    0 0%
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    When in doubt, poll it. What toon should I xfer?

    Pretty simple, I have 4 toons, I can transfer server/faction on 1 of them.


    I can't decide, so I'm making you do it.

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    Bump for great justice.

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    Transfer the character you enjoy playing the most, I'd say. But you could also check what classes the guilds on your new server are recruiting, and pick that one.

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    Do not create pointless threads such as "Which class/race/gender/faction/server should I roll?"
    Posting guidelines please read them

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    I really doubt this poll will aid in your decision making process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vindicatorx View Post
    Posting guidelines please read them
    this, and seriously, don't bump your thread.

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    That's kinda hard to say.
    If you just say which specs you play/enjoy the most and which specs the classes have you posted - then it might be easier to pick YOUR choice for YOU.

    Based on this, I'd say Paladin - because I main a paladin myself and I love my holy pala.
    Second choice for ME would be shaman because I like healing on it (just slightly less then my pala I reckon).
    Druid makes a great healer but I dislike the other specs - thus slightly above priest.
    Priest would be my last choice because I haven't gotten around to heal with it since early T14 and Shadow isn't just for me since probably TBC.

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    One, please don't bump threads. Two, it's your choice, not ours.

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