View Poll Results: Your least favourite class(es)?

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  • Warrior

    60 18.81%
  • Warlock

    37 11.60%
  • Mage

    66 20.69%
  • Druid

    41 12.85%
  • Shaman

    29 9.09%
  • Death Knight

    53 16.61%
  • Hunter

    50 15.67%
  • Rogue

    111 34.80%
  • Paladin

    48 15.05%
  • Monk

    86 26.96%
  • Priest

    51 15.99%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Druids, they have so many possibilities that none of them feel finished. shapeshifting is an annoying kind of combat imo.
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    Anything that wears a dress and prances around in the back like a dainty little woman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovestar View Post
    This is really hard for me to answer because technically my favorite and least-favorite class is Warrior. I used to love everything about War. And I still love the look, feel, and utility buttons.

    But... that gameplay. Ugh. Arms is... eh, Arms has always been the weird cousin no one invites to Thanksgiving. But Prot... Prot was absolutely destroyed (for me) in MoP, it's boring and tedious and just not the same spec it was for like 8 years. And Fury's conversion in Cata into a metronome spec timed around Colossus Smash makes me want to scream and shake the monitor in boredom/frustration.

    Basically, the changes to Warrior in Cata/MoP resulted in a class I both adore and love, yet simultaneously absolutely loathe and never want to log in again.
    I have to agree with this post. Warriors went from my most favorite class to my least in MoP.

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    Don't like: Paladins, Priests, Mages and Monks
    No strong feeling either way: Death Knight, Rogue, Shaman, Hunter
    Like: Warrior, Warlock, Druid
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    pre wotlk i would say...paladins. priests,druids and hunters...leveling hunter and paladin was sooo hard and warlock
    after wotlk paladins and hunters and warlocks become realy good.
    druids and priests i never liked them...since the beginning...

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    Lock: always felt like mages with a different flavor and they always had some very OP spec in pve or pvp. I also dislike pets.
    Hunter: I dislike pets.
    Monk: It just doesn't seem interesting to me.
    I also never played a shaman beyond lvl 15 or so. Same problem as monks: not interesting for me.

    Rogues are a mixed bag, it was interesting at first, but later on it grown very boring. Keep up snd and rupture and whatever... While minding target switches that practically reset CP (yeah I know there is a skill for that... with a CD. and anyways, it's clunky). I only liked some of their CDs. For example tricking a tank, then sprinting ahead to redirect a whole pack of mobs with fok that spawned too far away feels very cool.

    I have levelled and played all the other classes to max (at some point) and they were somewhat enjoyable, at least in one of the specs.

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    Right now I'd have to say it's Paladin. Paladin was my first class to max level back in Wrath but since the cata changes it just feels clunky to me and I've never been able to get back into it.

    Classes that I just can't seem to level are Warrior, Warlock & Rogue (nothing against them but I just can't seem to get into them). Plus I don't love mages (too squishy) either and my priest has fallen to the wayside in MOP (despite being my first 90).
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