View Poll Results: Is pet leveling speed too slow? Is it even necessary?

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  • Leveling pets to 25 is fine, it's not too slow

    72 54.14%
  • Leveling pets to 25 is too slow or unnecessary (explain in comments)

    61 45.86%
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    Ehh, what? The pet leveling goes incredibly fast, takes like 30minutes with helm, even less if u use the snack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NonameXADX View Post
    Ehh, what? The pet leveling goes incredibly fast, takes like 30minutes with helm, even less if u use the snack.
    helm.. what helm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beastslayer50 View Post
    if u dont care about arena rating you can just fight the pandaria trainers, when your pets ding just join an arena before it registers the win on the daily leave the arena fight them again, ive literally done 90% of my pet leveling that way and with all the xp stacking bonuses u can go 1-13 in 1 fight that lasts a max of 2 minutes.

    I do this with farmer nishi since shes extremely easy to win against with a jademist dancer and a purple puffer
    This x100. I found this way out by accident and it is the best by far. Nothing even comes close.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shakari View Post
    helm.. what helm?
    Had to have a look myself, I'm in the process of leveling my pets, very slowly.
    It's called the Safari Hat. Get it for defeating 40 master pet tamers

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    I think it does need to be a bit faster.

    Even with the hat I can't really bring myself to do pet battles because of how long it takes to level these things without "cheezing" it.

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