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    Group/Raid finder and community

    Do you think it would be time for WoD to bring something like account wide Honor system for LFR? Or maybe some sort of MMR (Match Making Ratio) system?

    Honor system would work similar to League of Legends (if you played it).
    For example:
    Raid/dungeon finishes and you have the option to 'Honor' or 'Dishonor' people.
    Honor system would be account wide.
    It would be represented in numbers. When you are above 0 you would have "X Honor" when you go below 0 it would change to "X Dishonor".
    Each player would be limited to people he can Honor or Dishonor, the limit would be different for LFG and LFR. For example only one Honor and one Dishonor in LFG and 3 of each in LFR.
    The queue system would try and match groups with similar Honor/Dishonor.

    MMR system (numbers are just for example):
    Unique to each character.
    Baseline is set to a certain rating. For this example lets say the baseline is 1000.
    Current tier achievements and boss kills on higher difficulty give account wide Rating bonus. Lets say normal boss kill gives 1 rating and Heroic gives 3. Achievements give 5. This would give an MMR boost to alts of a heroic raider, for example.
    Now the interesting part.
    When you join a group, you can see average MMR of the group (or it can be hidden, depends what people think about it).
    If someone leaves group, he gets an MMR penalty, lets say 50 rating gets deducted. Which would be exponential increase on consequential leaves. So if you leave a group you get -50 rating, then you leave another, you get -100 rating, then next leave is -150 rating and so on. The increment resets once you finish a dungeon/raid.
    Base threshold set for 'Disband raid'. 2 for LFG and 10 for LFR. So if you are 10 or less in a raid, you can leave free without the penalty.
    Getting kicked from group doesn't incurr the penalty.
    Killing boss in LFG/LFR gives you MMR, but just for that character. Each boss could be set to +1 rating, last boss being +3.
    When 'wipe' happens, everyone in group gets -2 rating, but boss gives 1 additional rating for each stack (assuming stacks remain in game). Meaning if you have 9 stacks you can get +10 after kill, but you lost at least 18 rating during the wiping. This would reduce the 'penalty' for those who don't rage quit and stay, but would give no incentive to repeatedly wipe to get more rating.
    Being flagged as 'AFK' immediately removes you from group and gives you rating penalty.
    The kick system would have no cooldown or restrictions to its usage (like "must wait 120mins before you can initiate a kick"). The only restriction would be during loot rolls or combat and shortly after (1 minute wait after combat would suffice).

    I believe that most people are being rude and general assholes due to there being no real consequences. Having a system that is either community based (Honor system) or system based (MMR) would solve that.

    Lets have your opinions
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